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2018.10.20 - Orlando, Florida


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The Outbreak Tour continues to go strong as Mike prepares for the tour's second stop in Florida, taking the Post Traumatic Tour to Orlando.


Last night's show in Tampa continued the trend of Mike evolving the setlist. We saw the return of 'Sharp Edges', Mike rapping his verse of 'Lift Off' during the extended bridge of 'Sorry For Now', 'World's On Fire' being played mid-set for the first time and without its usual partner 'Robot Boy', and the Twitter poll trio of 'I.O.U.', 'Until It Breaks', and 'In Stereo', seeing as "All of the above" won (which should surprise approximately no one).


Mike last did the Lift Off verse in New York City. With that seemingly coming back out of nowhere, what other verses do you think he'll do over the bridge?

It's been a minute since Mike's been to Orlando. Linkin Park started their ill fated 2015 North American Tour in the city, which featured the return of fan favorites 'A Place For My Head' and 'From The Inside'. Before that, they hadn't played in the city since the Union Underground Tour and the P.O.D Kings Of The Game Tour in 2000, so it's nice to see Mike give some love to the city on this tour.


As the previous shows have demonstrated, we really don't know what to expect from the show tonight. Mike's been rotating in songs every night, changing the opener, messing with the encore, moving stuff around mid-set. Almost anything is fair game, really. There have been a few songs Mike has pulled out in Asia and Europe that he hasn't yet done in the US, like the much requested 'Cigarettes', which he hasn't done since Wien, Austria.


Check out Linkin Park playing A Place For My Head in Orlando back in 2015. The band was in excellent shape on that tour, so it's a shame it got cut short!

Who's going to the show tonight? Mark (Hahninator) will be there, as well as the next few shows, so if you see him around, be sure to say hi! After this, Mike is heading to Atlanta, Raleigh, and then New Orleans (where a rendition of 'The Little Things Give You Away' would be very fitting considering the meaning of the song).


We'll keep you updated on everything that happens at this show and on the rest of the tour, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates, and feel free to join the LPL Discord Server, where you can talk to fans from all around the world. There's also the recently launched LPLive Archive YouTube Channel where we upload all kinds of rare content from the Linkin Park world.


Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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