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Hong Kong Show Almost Canceled; New Band Debuts


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On August 7th, Mike Shinoda kicked off his Post Traumatic Tour of Asia and Europe with a headlining show in Hong Kong. After all of the promotional shows for the album leading up to it (Identity, Gramercy, Camden, LoveLoud, etc), this was the start to first actual tour for the album.


At the show we saw the live debut of two new members of Mike's band - Dan on drums and Matt on keys, guitar, and vocals. The full setlist with show notes, song notes, etc can be found here.



While song-wise, this is pretty much the same setlist as the album release show in NYC (minus Hands Held High), there were several changes to the show's setlist from New York City. There is a new outro on Place To Start, a new intro to Kenji, the full version of Roads Untraveled, and the full version of When They Come For Me. The extended bridge with the Sorry For Now demo verse is still in the set, which is good.



The show debuted brand new production which is a huge step up from what was used at the promo shows and it looks to be a really solid show going into the tour. For example, check out this great light show on Watching As I Fall.



Before he performed In The End, Mike gave a great speech about when he first met Chester. It was done completely on the spot after fans yelled Chester's name during Mike's talk about Post Traumatic.



One of the most notable things about the Hong Kong show is that the show... almost didn't happen. Right after the show, Mike called into the KROQ Kevin and Bean show before he went to bed (morning in LA) to discuss the show.


He said that when the band landed in Hong Kong, they set up in a local rehearsal studio to practice the set. However, there were huge issues with the power supply and they actually fried three different keyboards and some guitar gear. Mike says he was pretty confident that the Hong Kong show was just not going to happen at that point. Luckily, he said they improvised with the gear and made the show work. This is why (if you're very picky) you can see some missing guitar effects in the videos from the show, etc.


Thankfully the show went off without any issues and Mike is now headed to Bangkok, Thailand! Let's hope that was the only hiccup on the tour and everything else goes off flawlessly.


In addition to discussing the Hong Kong show with Kevin and Bean, Mike said the setlist could actually change for the North American Tour this fall as he keeps experimenting with the live show. Look for full coverage of that tour as well as the ongoing Asia and Europe tours here on LPLive. Find Mike's upcoming tour dates and past setlists here.

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