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Bad Post Traumatic Review


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No surprise it's Pitchfork. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/mike-shinoda-post-traumatic/


"His clunky flex raps and flat crooning remain lifeless."


"It’s jarring to hear Shinoda struggle with such fundamental elements of songwriting."


"Throughout Post Traumatic, you can sense how unmoored Shinoda is without that spectacle. His chest doesn’t puff out as far as it did on Fort Minor. His compositions don’t detonate like his best work for Linkin Park. His bandmates aren’t there to lift him up when he falls short. He sounds abandoned."

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I knew eventually we would see a bad review. Pretty stupid review, though. Basically, they just say that the album is boring and the lyrics and vocals are also boring/bad. It's also obvious that the person hasn't even listened to Linkin Park since like Hybrid Theory or possibly Meteora, since they think the sound of Linkin Park is a rapper, a ''rager'' and a DJ with turntable sounds. I don't think that the reviewer has heard MTM, ATS, LT, THP, OML and everything in between all of those. And it's annoying how they compare it to Fort Minor and especially at the end when they say it doesn't sound as good as Fort Minor or old Linkin Park, well no shit, it's not either of those, Mike said that it wasn't either of those, this is it's own thing, so why even compare? And they failed to review more than like 3 tracks so really it's not even in depth review or anything.

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