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Double Show Pages

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I think we have unfortunately reached the point in time where we have to start doubling some show pages. We tried to avoid this for as long as possible.


What I mean by this is, if Joe guests with Mike at Identity LA, that only exists on the Mike page. It is not mentioned in the Joe page. Likewise, Chester guesting with Julien-K is only mentioned there and isn't listed under Chester's guest appearances. There currently exists no way to just make an entry and link to the other show page, so we'd need to double the page.


There are other examples, like Camp Freddy etc.


We will probably dissolve the Guesting page as well. Dell World 2012 can go on the Mike page and Chester page. The Aoki performances can go on the respective year pages for Linkin Park.


Anyway, if you see examples of where we'd need to list a show twice feel free to comment.

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