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Addiction and Relapse

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Still reeling since the news,,,As a ten year sober addict, I have met Chester, shared moments and been inspired by him- i was set to meet with him next month together with another of my "recovered" heroes: Travis Barker, whom I just spoke with about this phenomenon last month! Did not see this coming, but it was the same with Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, Phiip Seymour Hoffman, and I fear who will be next.


The stigma and shame associated with addiction, mental illness (including depression, anxiety and addiction) and relapse is too much for many long time sober addicts to face. We cannot bear to drag our loved ones through another relapse and recovery, we would rather die than face Day 1 of sobriety all over again. Non-addicts see suicide as a selfish act, the addicted brain sees it as a sacrifice to protect those we love. I was at the US LP shows immediately preceding Chester's shattered ankle and subsequent surgery. It was painful. Just where no addict needs to go. Chester knew how dangerous life was becoming for him and he understood what drove Chris Cornell that night in Detroit. Al of us addicts know, and we fear going there will all our heart and soul, but we know we might. I have a tattoo on the inside of one wrist drawn on by Jared Leto during the Carnivores Tour, and another on the other wrist of the LP logo. Whenever i fear sliding into the abyss, I look at the tattoos which are where I would rather slice my wrist open than descend into addiction.


Chester's children, family, friends, bandmates and fans must NOT feel guilty for anything they said or did or did not do to try to help Chester or prevent the relapse, there is no one thing that could have started or stopped it. It is just the way the addicted brain works. STOP THE STIGMA, BREAK THE HABIT, and LISTEN FOREVER: "I'll never fight again, And this is how it ends"

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