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Julien-K - 2007.1.29 Moline, IL (Systeme De Sexe Proshot SDS DVD)?


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I was wondering if anyone on this website has been a System De Street (Julien-K's street team) member since 2007 or was a former System De Street member who was in the fanclub since 2007?


Because I believe that there is an uncirculated Proshot DVD that includes a track called Systeme De Sexe from this show:



I believe that said DVD was handed out to members of the street team sometime in 2007. I know that the footage from the DVD is on Julien-K's YouTube, but it'd be interesting to have said DVD because the footage would be in higher quality, and I'm not sure if there may or may not be some extra stuff on those sampler DVDs.


I'm not sure if the footage from YouTube is the same on the DVDs but higher quality or different footage of the same song altogether?




Source 2: Video - PROSHOT (Unknown)
Time: 5:31 mins
Format: DVD M / 230 MB
Comments: 'Systeme De Sexe' only.


If anyone has more info on this sampler DVD or even has a copy of it, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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That Systeme De Street package was:


A letter to fans

Authored DVD of "Systeme De Sexe"

Kick The Freebase Remix


I have it all. Here you go:



Thank you, Lestat. :) Much Appreciated. :)


Were there any other DVDs released through System De Streeet, or was that the only one?

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