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Introducing: The New Linkin Park Logo!


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It's been three years since the last era for Linkin Park started. The Hunting Party era saw the removal of the circle pattern around the classic Linkin Park logo. Now, as we're ushered into a brand new era for the band, the logo has once again changed. The circle isn't back, but...



it is now a hexagon.

This new Linkin Park logo has the familiar LP textualization in the center of it, with a grungy hexagonal pattern surrounding it. Seems pretty edgy.


We're not exactly sure what the hexagon symbolizes, but this does mean we're officially in a brand new era for Linkin Park, and that it's only good times ahead from here. If you haven't noticed, the LPAmbassadors have changed their profile pictures on social media to bare the logo in front of the flag of the country they represent. It's a bridge between the fans and Linkin Park, and this era is certainly showing signs of being one of the best in a long time.


Linkin Park has gone through a lot of logos since they started out. Check out our Official Logos thread and take a walk through history and watch how the band's logo evolved from the old school Hybrid Theory days until now.


Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page - and check out our snazzy new profile pictures while they last - so you don't miss out on updates on new Linkin Park news. If you can think of any hexagon LP puns, be sure to tweet us with the hashtag #UntilItsHexagon.

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