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Wantagh, NY 2014


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So as I said in my Holmdel review, this show took place the day after that show. I woke up at about 9am, almost forgetting where I was. Haha. The day before in Holmdel had destroyed me physically and mentally. I showered and got ready, etc. and we rolled out. We stopped at a Denny's for breakfast. I remember waiting forever since our waitress just never came back at one point. Eventually, we got out of there and we checked out the area for a while. I had never been to Wantagh before, just like Holmdel. After that, we headed to the venue, which was a very weird drive to get there. The venue was really unique, I had thought. There were already fans waiting in line, which sucked because I actually had pit tickets for this show and I wanted to be right up on the bar. Sal was in the line, I remember seeing him and a few other hardcore fans. We got in line and waited for what seemed like FOREVER. Hours. At one point I saw the bass player from AFI walking across the parking lot, that was cool. I wasn't leaving that line for anything, though. Once we were finally let in, I headed straight for the stage. However, at this show, it was a little different. They had two main lines. One for the LPU and Linkin Park, and one for the Thirty Seconds To Mars fanclub. We would both be let in at the same time, which sucked, because that meant it would basically be a free for all to whoever could get up on the rail. Luckily, I made it on the rail. I was so happy. We obviously didn't get to check out the MFR Booth, the merch booth, or food since I wanted to be on the rail. We waited even longer and finally it was time for the show.


AFI opened up and played through the same set they had been playing. Good set. After they were done, it was time for Thirty Seconds To Mars. I hadn't seen them yet since I had Meet & Greet's for both the Mansfield and Holmdel shows, so I was pretty excited to see what they had to offer. Once they came on, they didn't disappoint. Very high energy, tons of fun, etc. I remember at one point Jared pointed out some person in the seats who didn't stand up, which annoyed him. That was pretty funny. The confetti and the beach balls during the set were also cool. It was a fun experience and I already had known a lot of their songs beforehand, so that was good. Once they were over, it was time for the main event (at least for me), Linkin Park. Fans started getting pushy at this point, trying to get up on the bar, but I wasn't letting that happen. Linkin Park opened with Guilty All The Same, with Chester running out as soon as the riff started, looking happy as hell, but ready to rock at the same time. They tore through the set and I rocked out and sang along to every song. Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You was epic to see, even though they did it at the Mansfield show that I went to as well. Somewhere I Belong also in particular sounded great to me at this show. Mike said ''this is fucking fun'' right before the song started. Pretty cool. The band closed out the set once again with What I've Done and Bleed It Out, but this show also featured a surprise, just like Holmdel. Chester came out to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, after being nominated the night before in Holmdel, which I had strangely forgot about. He had some of his kids come out and dump the bucket on him, which was funny. Chester nominated AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars. Not sure if they ever did it or not.


After the show, I headed back out to the booth area and ran into Mark, etc. at the MFR Booth. It was the last show for him, which sucked, since I thought he was going up to Darien Center as well for the LPU Summit. After that, we left the venue, which actually wasn't too hard to get out of, the traffic seemed bearable, maybe because the parking lot was so huge. I remember we went to a Checker's and Rally's drive-thru afterwards, which I had never ate before. It was fucking good, actually. I hadn't eaten since Denny's at that point so I was starving. I think we explored a little more of Wantagh and ended up just going back to the hotel and I crashed. The next day I had a day off in between shows.

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Agreed. Pissed I missed AFI and TSTM as I had the meet and greet.

What was even cooler was meeting Phoenix the day before on the subway by work


Yeah, that sucks you had to miss AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars. But I guess a Meet & Greet is always worth it. And that's pretty awesome that you met Phoenix on the subway. Is that your avatar? Pretty awesome.

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