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#FromTheVault - Joe's Vinyls


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Linkin Park just posted a picture on Instagram about Joe's vinyls that reads, "Turntables and scratching were an important part of the band’s sound in the early days. At first, Joe scratched vinyl—we even went so far as to press a record that only Joe and I had, full of original sounds (like the ones heard on Cure For The Itch). We were so happy when CDJ’s were first introduced, because they allowed us to make and try out our homemade sounds on the fly, burning them to CD and scratching them in the studio." -Mike



Just a friendly reminder to those that saw this post...several of these vinyls have surfaced via collectors here at LPLive and at LPCatalog. The following links provide the history of each vinyl as well as a rundown of what's on them and a download.


- Joe's "Tasty Gas Station Breaks" vinyl (Hybrid Theory EP, Hybrid Theory, and other songs)

- Joe's Meteora vinyl (all songs on Meteora)


A "Projekt Revolution Breaks" vinyl by DJ Focus was also pressed in 2002, featuring other samples from Hybrid Theory.


Just a friendly reminder in case some of you haven't downloaded these vinyls! Both of Joe's were used on stage for years and if you saw Linkin Park from 2000 to the late 2000s, Joe had at least one of these at your show.

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