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Hybrid Theory Era Updates


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We've updated a lot of stuff on the site lately from the Hybrid Theory era, due to the acquisition of some older tour itineraries, setlists, etc by a staff members. You recently saw our Tinley Park 2001 setlist in this thread. We wanted to update you with some of the other things we've done behind the scenes. We'll start with a few of the biggest updates:


- There was a canceled Top of the Pops performance in London on September, 13, 2001.

- The date of the first Top of the Pops performance was not on March 24, 2001 like we previously had listed, it was really on March 8, 2001 between the Italy and Austria shows on that tour. This ends probably 15+ years of debate on the actual date of this show.

- The unique setlist for Tinley Park 2001 with a possible performance of the 'In Yourself' jam.

- Like the start of the Street Soldiers' Tour in Seattle with a radio performance for fans, a similar performance occurred in Kansas City in November 2001. We emailed 98.9 for further information, if they have any in their archives.


The last three posts in this thread detail our other updates. These range from removing dates in 2000 which we now know Linkin Park did not play, adding one other, and fixing tour numbering, etc. We'll probably have more updates coming, especially for other bands at shows.

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