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Strike two for Serbia?


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As Linkin Park slowly makes their way into more countries across the globe as they get older, we found recently that they were negotiating to add a show in Serbia for this current tour.


Rumors online say that there was an outdoor show planned for September 8th, 2015, which is the day that Fort Minor just announced a show in London. That might be why the FM show was added so late in the game. The venue was said to be Ušće Park, where Metallica, Robbie Williams, Depeche Mode, and more have played.


2015.09.08 Belgrade, Serbia, Ušće Park


As is common with tour planning, not every city/show works out for the band. Fans in India know that as they've tried to get Linkin Park there for many years. When a tour is booked, many options are discussed months ahead of time and eventually all the pieces fall into place for the dates you will later see the band post online.


Anyway, it seems that negotiations also were under way for Linkin Park to play in Europe in May 2013 for Living Things and as we reported back then, a show in Belgrade, Serbia was also said to be announced "soon" (which didn't play out either). The fall European Tour in 2012 was canceled for unknown reasons (after being mostly booked), so perhaps the band was trying to make up for it in spring 2013 by returning. Who knows, really.


If two shows in Serbia have been discussed....it's possible the band will finally hold their first show there on an upcoming tour of Europe.

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