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California Noir Release Shows


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NYC setlist: http://lplive.net/shows/db/julienk1415/20150424j


LA sounds epic, sounds like Killing Fields will be played with Brandon.



Some inside Baseball facts about this weekend MAY 1&2: JULIEN-K RECORD RELEASE at The Viper Room:
1) One of the nights I am nick-naming the "mix night", and the other I am nick-naming the "DTA heavy night"
2) One night we will be performing a song in a unique way w a special friend and it will be rad
3) Both nights/sets will have a decidedly different "feel" or "theme" and will hit decidedly different mood scenes in the Julien-K soundscape.
4) We will be playing some rare tracks from the DTA collection.
5) We will be playing some of the California Noir collection for the first time - EVER.
6) The first night I will be a weirdo and scared to talk to people because I will be afraid of talking to loudly and loosing my voice so I will be elusive and bitchy.
7) We are playing with both Eli James AND Frank Zummo
8) Eviscerate will happen smile emoticon
9) Deep Beat will happen smile emoticon
10) An acoustic guitar will be used.
11) We will be playing longer sets than we have ever played - 75 mins+
12) We had to learn and/or re-learn approx 35 songs in 5 days of rehearsal to figure out the sets.
13) We have fans flying in from all over the country (yay!!!)
14) We are playing so many songs that I have had to print and laminate lyric cheat sheets for 30 of the songs... (hahahaha).
15) Fourwaycross is fronted by our art director and one of our best friends, Tom Dolan - he designed the California Noir esthetic. This is they're first show in over 20 years. They are really really cool and pioneered much of what we consider our "sound" and what we think is "cool music".
16) The Crying Spell toured w us in Europe and they are REALLY good and you will like them like we do. Also, Len Hotrum sang w me on the chorus of Cast Into The Sea - he sings the harmonies and helped me figure out the chorus.
17) I will be celebrating my LA birthday and I will be expecting special treatment and gifts.
18) I will be living at an un-named hotel very close to the venue for the weekend - Wolfgang will be at his friend Klaus' house playing for the weekend. It will be cute.
19) We will have signed, limited edition high quality posters that are unique to EACH NIGHT for sale - and I mean LIMITED (remember how many people were bumming on not getting the DTA posters? Yep. We know.)
20) If these shows prove to be as successful as NYC, we have a plan to hit some more cities......... And I know exactly which ones I'm contemplating..... smile emoticon smile emoticon wink emoticon wink emoticon
Sounds great.
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Julien-K 2015.05.01 West Hollywood, The Viper Room,"California Noir" Record Release Party (Night 1)


01. Analog Beaches & Digital Cities
02. Strange Invisible
03. Maestro
04. Kick The Bass
05. System De Sexe
06. California Noir
07. Fail With Grace
08. We're Here With You
09. No You Can't
10. Cast Into the Sea (with Len Hotrum)
11. Colorcast
12. Someday Soon
13. Cruel Daze Of Summer
14. Black Market Machines
15. Flashpoint Riot

Julien-K 2015.05.02 West Hollywood, The Viper Room,"California Noir" Record Release Party (Night 2)


01. Death To Analog
02. Dystopian Girl
03. Futura
04. Nights Of Future Past
05. Breakfast In Berlin
06. Palm Springs Reset
07. She's the Pretender
08. Disease
09. Someday Soon (Headcleanr Remix)
10. Photo Voltaire (Live Debut)
11. Eviscerate
12. Deep Beat Overground
13. Technical Difficulties

Show with Frank Zummo.

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