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Which song Finish the set


Which song would close the set  

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  1. 1. Would it be one step closer or bleed it out or faint

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Definitely One Step Closer. It only seems right to play it last. It has lost the intensity now, by being so early in the set. It isn't bad when played just before an encore break, but 4th or 5th song doesn't seem right.


Bleed It Out is really nice with all the extra stuff they add, but it shouldn't close every set.


Faint is good when played just before One Step Closer.

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Faint is usually followed by OSC so definitely not Faint. Bleed It Out is good in either the main set or the encore but it really depends on what comes before it, like WID before BIO.


OSC is a great closer with just the long ending, but BIO needs to have extenders for it to work to its fullest.

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I think that One Step Closer is the best song to finish. I like Bleed It Out too with Rob drum solo. But OSC is the best for that. I think that the best way is to have 2 sets. Set A finish OSC and Set B finish Bleed It Out. I felt very strange when I saw the setlist for this year and noticed OSC like 4th or 5th.

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