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2014.09.19 - Concord, CA, Concord Pavilion


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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. After traveling to 25 cities across the U.S. and Canada, the Carnivores Tour is coming to an end. Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and AFI will perform for one last time together at Concord, California at the Concord Pavilion tonight. This will be Linkin Park's first time performing in Concord - an end is also a new beginning for the band.

Yesterday, the band performed at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre (again) in Wheatland, California, where they performed a standard version of Set A, which features 'Points Of Authority' and 'Crawling', as opposed to it's counterpart. Mike rapped a hybrid verse of 'Remember The Name' by Fort Minor, a verse he's been doing for awhile now. He's been playing it safe, not changing up his medley as of recently. What songs would you like to see him rap over his medley? Tonight would be the last time on the Carnivores Tour that he has an opportunity to change it up - and we want to see 'High Voltage', 'Dedicated', and 'Carousel'! Another good way to go out with a bang tonight is changing up the setlist - the band rehearsed Hybrid Theory in full, 'A Light That Never Comes', 'Breaking The Habit', and more for the Carnivores, but those didn't make the cut for the final setlists. 'A Place For My Head' and 'By Myself', two songs that were rehearsed AND are leading the boards on our 2014 Live Poll would be a great way to end out!

Check out this epic performance of 'Rebellion' from a few days ago at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California with special guest, Daron Malakian from System Of A Down! Daron contributed guitars on the album version of the track, and with Mike, Brad, and himself all playing together, it explodes live! Would you like to see a collaboration like this happen again? Maybe a member of AFI or Thirty Seconds To Mars will come out tonight!

Speaking of AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars, they're ready to close out with a bang! AFI performed their average setlist in Wheatland, opening with 'The Leaving Song, Pt. II'. The band implemented new songs like 'I Hope You Suffer' and '17 Crimes' into the set, as well as finding times for some older ones like 'The Days Of The Phoenix' and 'Love Like Winter', too. The band ended their set with a bang with 'Miss Murder'! After the Carnivores Tour, the band will continue touring the United States (making some appearances at festivals alongside Stone Temple Pilots) and stopping by in Mexico at the end of October and the beginning of November (I'm looking at you, JZE!). Thirty Seconds To Mars performed their extended set, featuring an intro hardcore fans may remember - Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana: O Fortuna', accompanied by their new song from Love Lust Faith + Dreams, 'Up In The Air'. The band implemented new singles like 'Do Or Die' and 'City Of Angels', as well as finding time to play older tracks including 'Search and Destroy'. Giant balloons fell into the crowd during 'This Is War' and Jared went deep into the crowd for 'Kings and Queens'! The band also performed new songs like 'Conquistador' and 'End Of All Days', as well. The band recently added a new song from the album: 'Bright Lights' into the setlist. The band jammed to Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' as Jared invited fans onstage for 'Closer To The Edge' for a huge ending! After the Carnivores Tour, the band will be performing a show in Las Vegas on the 20th, then heading to their extensive rescheduled South American Tour including stops in Argentina, Brazil, and Panama. After that, the band will end their 2014 Touring Cycle in South Africa.

Who's heading to the show? All good things must come to an end - and the Carnivores Tour is no exception. We've had memories on the tour - I met the LPLive Crew and became staff on the site during the time of the tour. What memories do YOU have from the tour? Linkin Park will likely end the tour with Set B, featuring 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You', 'Somewhere I Belong', and 'With You'. After this show, the band will take a break for a month while Chester tours with Stone Temple Pilots for a few shows in October. The band will be back in mid-October, when they play for the Circuito Banco de Brasil for two show in Brazil with Panic! at the Disco, before playing two off-tour shows and heading off to Europe with Of Mice & Men. Joe recently confirmed a second U.S. Tour after Europe, so stay tuned for that! Check back here or follow us on Twitter for updates!

Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.


01. Mashup Intro #2

02. Guilty All The Same
03. Given Up
04. With You
05. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro)
06. Blackout (Shortened)
07. Papercut (Shortened)
08. Rebellion
09. Runaway (Shortened; Ext. Outro Transition w/ Wastelands Verse 1)
10. Wastelands
11. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version)
12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent
13. Robot Boy (Shortened)
14. Joe Solo Medley
15. Numb (Numb/Encore Outro)
16. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro; Wall Of Noise Outro)
17. Final Masquerade
18. Mike Solo Medley (w/ Joe) (w/ Remember The Name)
19. Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You (2014 Abridged Version)
20. Somewhere I Belong
21. In The End
22. Faint (Ext. Outro)
23. Burn It Down (Shortened)
24. Lost In The Echo (Shortened)
25. New Divide (Shortened)
26. Until It's Gone (Shortened; Ext. Intro w/ Points Of Authority Rap 1)
27. What I've Done (Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
28. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo + The Catalyst Refrain)

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