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"Crawl Back In" Live in Knebworth Confusion


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I remember noticing this back in 2009, but I don't think it was ever properly discussed.

The mp3 of DBS performing "Crawl Back In" in Knebworth that was sent via email to subscribers of some website (don't remember what it was) seems like a different performance than what you can hear in the proshot video from the same show. The are very similar, but some parts like "I wanna crawl back In" line right before the guitar solo are COMPLETELY different.

Can anyone AB that mp3, the proshot video and DSPs to figure out what exactly is going on?


EDIT: After a very quick check, it seems like that site (I believe it was the official Sonisphere website) released the recording from Ferropolis for some reason.

Also, if you AB that mp3 and DSP recording from Ferropolis you'll notice that this "fake" Knebworth recording is actually a little rawer, because you can hear a really minor vocal fix in the Ferropolis DSP version of the song.

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that one track was my first "this is from the show I went to" live treasures on my iPod, so this is... kinda disappointing.


some website (don't remember what it was)



UKUndercurrent released it, not sonisphere.

there was a sonisphere USB wristband that you could buy prior to the festival that would sync bonus content once you plugged it in after the event. I never found out if there was any LP/DBS stuff included since I lost mine.

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