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Fairfax 2002 question


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Just noticed something when I was listening to Fairfax 2002:


On With You instead of saying, "Ladies and gentlemen - Mr. Hahn!" like he usually does, Mike says "Ladies and gentlemen - DJ Afterparty!"


Any idea why? I remember reading somewhere that LP was late to one of their shows once and literally got there like 5 minutes before they were supposed to go on stage due to like a snowstorm or something. No, it wasn't Edgefest, lol. I think it was a PR03 show but it might have been this one on PR02.


Whatever the reason for Mike saying it, the scratch is perfect so it sounds like Joe, but maybe it's really not. Hmm.

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He also mentions him before It's Goin' Down at the same show:


"That's DJ Lapdance, and that's DJ Z-Trip...oh wait, his name's not Lapdance tonight, that's DJ Afterparty."


Z-Trip and Riff Raff were usually the 2 people who came out on IGD on that tour (sometimes just one or the other), so either it's a name Mike made up for Riff Raff, or it's Joe and Mike's just screwing around with him. Mike introduces Mr. Hahn after his scratch solo right after My December, so Joe was for sure at that show. I think Mike's just messing around with him.

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