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LP playing soccer with fans in France

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On Wednesday, June 11th, Chester, Mike Joe and Phoenix will play football (soccer) in France, together with their fans there. The location is unfortunately not revealed to the public. If you are in France, you can get a chance to play with them by signing up here: http://www.virginradio.fr/linkin-park-rencontrez-le-groupe-le-11-juin-concours-1026.html


Thanks to:





Who of you will at least try to get a chance to play with LP?


If some of you will participate on this, then after this your experiences will be gladly welcomed to be shared here :)

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Here's some pictures for those who is interested:







I didn't find a picture of Joe, who should be there. Do any of you know if he was there?

Joe did not play so I assume he was not there. Guys from www.linkinpark.fr were there (http://www.linkinpark.fr/actualites/907-reportage-sur-le-match-de-football-avec-linkin-park-a-paris)

They put pictures on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152552940411804.1073741833.118219661803&type=1

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The cool thing with the pictures is the fact that we can some pretty cool shots of Chester's new tattoo (right shin)

Do you guys like it ?

Actually on the photos, where we would have the best angle to see the tattoo, Chester have his socks raised that high, that it covers the tattoo. But on the photos where it is visible, I can't see what it exactly is, but from what I see it looks pretty cool.

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