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Ghost Town Media - NAB 2014 Rewind


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In this presentation, Brandon Parvini and Gabriel Perez demonstrate how Ghost Town Media has integrated Cinema 4D and 3D scanning into their workflow, featuring work done for Absolut Vodka and Linkin Park. They demonstrate the use of the Polygon Reduction deformer and discuss techniques for acquiring and managing 3D scan data. Brandon and Gabriel stress the importance of presets, and discuss the value of R15 Global Illumination enhancements and Team Render in completing the music video for A Light that Never Comes, Linkin Park's collaboration with Steve Aoki.


04:26 - Absolut Greyhound
10:57 - Content Browser Presets
14:50 - Linkin Park Living Things (A lot of unreleased Living Things artwork.)
25:07 - A Light That Never Comes
34:27 - R14 vs R15 Rendering
38:55 - Render Presets

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