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Linkin Park - Live in Taipei 08.17.2013


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This show was so fuckin' great.


When i took the MRT to Taipei Arena, I saw so many people lining up.

I was listening to my "Custom Set B", with intros and outros mixed in.


But after that, when the lights went out.


IT'S REAL SET B!!!!!!!!!!!



A Place For My Head



My favorite two songs ever.



Others like With You, SIB with 2012 intro, COG, LITE, BID, Medley, Numb with Numb/Encore......


Classic flashbacks mixed with new songs.





Lying From You IN FULL!!!!!!!!



But, near my crowd is almost dead, sitting down onthe chair.


And, there were so many glow sticks (only in ASIA, lol).




Chester and Mike nailed at that time.


Also Mike jumped down to the crowd during In The End.


And actually he said "THANK YOU" in Chinese during one song, lol.


(Actually, I don't know when it happend on.)




I just said, I had a great time.


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