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Mike Shinoda Live - 2019.03.19 Praha, Praha

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March 19, 2019
Praha, CZ  Czech Republic
Forum Karlín
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Music/Concert Hall
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Post Traumatic European Tour
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13 of 16
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01. Welcome Ext. Intro
02. I.O.U. Acapella Intro
03. When They Come For Me
04. Roads Untraveled
05. Prove You Wrong
06. Nobody Can Save Me
07. Lift Off Live Version; w/ 'Step Up' Chorus, 'High Voltage' Verse 1 + Chorus, 'Hands Held High' Verse 1
08. Sorry For Now Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo
09. Crossing A Line
10. Hold It Together Ext. Outro
11. Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go Mashup; 'Waiting For The End' Singalong + Short Piano Outro
12. Numb Piano Version
13. In The End Piano Version
14. About You Shortened (No Bridge/Ending); Vocoder Intro; Transition Ending
15. Over Again Shortened (No 1st Verse or 2nd Chorus); Transition Ending
16. Papercut Shortened (No 1st Chorus or 2nd Verse); 'Over Again' Ending
17. Robot Boy Shortened (Intro, Synth Bridge, and Ending Instrumental Only)
18. Castle Of Glass Piano Style
19. Make It Up As I Go w/ Lenny Filipova
20. Remember The Name Shortened (Intro/Chorus/Mike Verse 1/Chorus/Mike Verse 2/Chorus/Chorus)
21. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out Mashup; w/ 'Good Goodbye' Chorus
22. Running From My Shadow Ext. Outro

Show Notes:

- 'Lift Off' started with the demo verse of 'Lift Off', followed by the chorus of 'Step Up', then the first verse and chorus of 'High Voltage', a keyboard bridge, before ending with the first verse of 'Hands Held High'.
- Dan performed a drum solo during the bridge of 'Sorry For Now'.
- Before 'Numb', Mike talked about how the band filmed music videos for both 'Numb' and 'From The Inside' in Prague.
- 'About You' transitioned into 'Over Again' after the second chorus.
- After the second chorus of 'Over Again,' Mike transitioned into a shortened version of 'Papercut,' where he rapped the first verse, chorus, bridge, and ending before going back into the end of 'Over Again'.
- 'Robot Boy' was played without 'World's On Fire' following it for the first time.
- Lenny Filipova joined Mike for 'Make It Up As I Go'.


Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown)

Taper: Виталий Суренков

Time: 100:38 mins

Format: Unknown

Comments: Uploaded to YouTube after the show.

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