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Linkin Park Live - 2001.03.08 London, England

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March 08, 2001
London, ENG  England
BBC Studios
Venue Type: 
Top of the Pops
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01. Papercut
02. In The End
03. Crawling Shortened (Without Chorus Near End)

Show Notes:

- 'Crawling' was performed in a shortened version, the first known case of Linkin Park doing this live for TV purposes. This happened again later in their career for television. 'Crawling' is missing a full chorus near the end of the song.

Other Notes:

- Originally, this show was rumored for years to have been in September 2001. Upon discovery of tour itineraries from 2001 in March 2016, we were able to confirm that yes, there was a canceled Top of the Pops performance on September 13, 2001. We had this date listed as being on March 24, 2001 before the London Docklands Arena show, but the tour itinerary discovery finally confirmed the date as being on March 8, 2001 between the Italy and Austria shows.
- The band may have performed more than just these three songs (the case with Top of the Pops 2003 can be used as support for this). However, only these three were broadcasted. A February 2023 discovery of internal Top of the Pops tapes leads to the suggestion that only these three songs ended up being performed.


Source 1: Video - PROSHOT (Channel 4)

Taper: Unknown

Time: 18 mins

Format: SVCD

Comments: Just these three songs.

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