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  1. loooool haha,I believe,that sometimes when you're suffering depression & you listen to sad songs,you become more sad after listening to sad ones,for me music is just an entertainment,it has saved many lives,it gives motivation,only if you want it.music is a good thing

  2. soul?where the f you live,I'm gonna kill you lol.LINKIN PARK ROCKS & these nominations suck.30STM's 1st two albums are very bad honestly speaking,This is war & love lust faith're only the good ones,but the truth is,they get so much huge response & lp fans are busy al;ways kissing their gfs in concerts all the time

  3. Well honestly speaking,what if chester was doing that role in American hustle?I can bet,chester'd be better actor than jared.just saying

    & look at girls,they see a guy w/ money,ohhhh he's sssssooo handsome,one w/ an empty pocket who even looks like a hero,no one gives a f...lol

  4. I'm going to buy a damn machine gun today,anyone here want to have a bunch of bullets in his damn body?don't say anything against this song,please.go die or show me a song like this made,produced,played,directed by only you...no use of scream here,yes they did it.there was never a scream in this song,look how his singing tone is,why should he f the song's motion.it's fantastico

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