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  1. If they went with a guy and Alex McMillan could work a bit more on his screams he'd be a good fit. He sounds close enough to Chester but doesn't mimic him in the same way that Hybrid Theory try to. You could even add two vocalists one male and one female if you wanna cover a few bases.
  2. I have no issue with trIbute acts, they are everywhere. I mean even people not keen on such acts will have struggled to have avoided at the very least seeing an Elvis impersonator at a bar somewhere and many actIve bands also have fairly well known tribute acts. For me the problem arises if LP decide to start touring with a new singer who will presumably not be a like for like Chester replacement. The band will sound a bit different meaning that for those fans wanting to see the bands hits performed as close to the original as possible HT might offer that more so then the actual band themselves.
  3. If it is a female vocalist, I highly doubt it would be someone relatively well known (like Courtney from Spiritbox). Most well known artists/lead singers aren't gonna want to step into Chester's shoes and be a glorified tribute act. Don't get me wrong I like Queen + Adam Lambert but they don't get close to the original and feel like a tribute imo.
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