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  1. Hello Soldiers, I was here thinking linkin park could share an old show from your files every week,
    I don't know if you saw more Metallica is doing it every Monday, and this live helps to raise money for the treatment of people with COVID 19.
    it would be a really cool idea and we are millions in addition to having the opportunity to see amazing shows from the LP's old archives would also certainly raise a lot of $$$ to help.

    what do you think about that?
    could someone take this idea to Mike? and the others in the band?
    well it's just a cool idea :)

  2. Linkin Park - Fallout 15TRK 

    Linkin Park - Halfway Right 29TRK 

    Linkin Park - Blackout 86TRK 

    Linkin Park - Jornada del Muerto 51TRK 

    Linkin Park - Sharp Edges 31TRK 

    Linkin Park - The Catalyst 120TRK

    Linkin Park - The Requiem + The Radiance 57TRK 

    Linkin Park - Wisdom Justice and Love 17TRK

    Linkin Park - Burning in the Skies  78TRK


    all these leaked 

  3. 8 hours ago, michalangelo said:

    Brennan is not the owner of lpcatalog nor he has stuff you've mentioned. Also he is not selling multitrack files. Please stop posting false information :)


    Why would I lie ?
    it is true, he would only sell for a very high price.

  4. On 3/13/2020 at 6:22 AM, Astat said:

    Yup. The "Oppenheimer Background Noise" and "Countdown" stems are mislabeled and have their filenames swapped, the "Backing Tracks L" track is missing, and what's labeled as "Pitched Countdown" is actually a duplicate copy of the full mix, so those stems are missing as well.

    For anyone who's curious, my current understanding of what's out there is the 8 tracks from Hybrid Theory we've had forever, most of A Thousand Suns (everything except The Messenger/a couple missing tracks in The Requiem/Robot Boy) and all of One More Light, plus Roads Untraveled and A Light That Never Comes. I have my suspicions that Leave Out All the Rest and Hands Held High are out there as well (based on the incomplete stems of


    I hear that "Brennan" the owner of "LPCATALOG"
    has the "POA, APFMH And With You" multitracks

    I think he would sell each for more than $ 600 each,
    according to a friend he offered $ 500 for "APFMH" More like it didn't work.

    well if he has it or not there is no way to know, more because he is the greatest collector of things on the LP it is possible that he does.

    there is a site "mixthemusic.com" where they get the artist's multitracks and sells on the site for $ 10 each multitracks, part of the money and assigned to the band and label, I think it would be nice if we could do something for any of these multitracks were on that site, and we could buy legally.
    It's a good idea :)


    3 hours ago, Hybridtheory said:



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