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  1. Show today was SICK! Wayyyy better and crazier energies than last night, people flying over the crowd, violent dancing, WOW! I even got the chance to shake hand with Chester during Breaking The Habit 😇 Last night I got one pick after the show and today another (different) one. The right one is signed by Brad, can anyone recognize the signature on the left one? Much appreciated. EDIT:figured it out, it is Joe Hahn's 😎
  2. Correct, I meant Halfway Right... Probably made a mistake since I wish they will pull out Battle Symphony and put it in instead...
  3. Mike tweeted that the setlist today will be different, I wish they will play all OML or either at least first time for Nobody Can Save Me and/or Sorry For Now.
  4. AWESOME show, can't wait for tomorrow, hopefully more surprises.
  5. In the queue now, but on the outer one... 😕 3 to go!
  6. What is the recommended time to get to the O2 to be able to be as close to the stage, assuming the venue doors open only at 6PM? Does anyone have past experience from shows of LP in the O2?
  7. Already in London, going today and also tomorrow, what's better than LP two nights B2B B )
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