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  1. Yup. Not trusting Techno Empire now. Will investigate as much as I can before buying

    Update: this is what they told me

    Hello! I am extremely sorry about this. The DM Pro and cards were previously sold. They were soon returned because the cards turned out to be non-functioning. The DM Pro was tested and found to be working great. The cards, however, were separated from the listing and given back to Linkin Park because they were not working,


    Although the text of the listing was updated, the photos with the cards were not properly removed from the listing. If you look through the listing, the cards are not mentioned anywhere. However, the message was not given to our listing person to remove the photos, so the item was re-listed to Reverb with the cards in the photos.


    I apologize for our oversight.

  2. fingers crossed!

    how did you know to jump back on the Reverb site and find something that wasn't previously posted?


    I didnt I just found it randomly while scrolling through my feed


    and guess what guys? No sound cards came with it. Duped again.

  3. It's been a while since we've spoken here, but I wanted to update you guys. Found an Alesis DM Pro 20 Bit drum machine on Reverb I'd previously never seen before from the gear sale. It comes with 2 SRAM cartridges (hopefully) with some sounds on them named "LINKIN PARK 2" and "LINKIN PARK 3". It gets here tomorrow so I'll update you whenever I get it up and running.




  4. The only main problem I have with the mix of this album is the engineer darn near muted all of Rob's crashes on nearly every song. When you do hear them, they have a really fast release and turned down reallyyy low. Makes songs like New Divide and What I've Done, which relies on the crash heavily, lose a little oomf to them. I'm a drummer as well so I tend to notice things like that and really just wish Pooch would've mixed this album. The 2012 Berlin and 2014 LA Guitar Center Sessions show sound huge and impactful. Oh, and the drum bit from right after the bridge in Burn it Down is missing too, but I'm just nitpicking now. Still a great way to listen to the newer songs performed live, the newer songs from OML really shine on this album.

  5. Alright guys, this turned out to be a disappointing day. I got the keyboard, turned it on and ran the software but the files were missing. I called up Techno Empire and they said they were told to wipe all the keyboards clean days before the sale went live but they didn't update the description to reflect that. So I have no patches or sounds at all.

  6. The MP-201 was used for changing/manipulating what effects were controlled by the theremin on New Divide and When They Come for Me (the theremin was also a Moog). I dont think it had anything to do with the keyboard sounds.


    The Fallout/Requiem vocal effects were done with the EHX Vocoder pedal that was also sold in the auction.

    Thanks Astat, I was wondering I might need the theremin to make it work but oh well, guess I’ll find another use for it lol, I do have a V256 though so I’m trying to recreate any of those effects, not sure if I control it from the keyboard with midi or if it’s stand alone

  7. Just got a Moog MP-201 pedal to go with the keyboard and hopefully figure out how to recreate the vocal effects for Fallout, Requiem and Jornada. If anyone knows how to achieve this please let me know, would appreciate the help!

  8. I would buy Mike's Neko if i have the cash. Really hope whoever buys them will share the samples and synth patches.

    I managed to snag a Neko for myself, will definitely be sharing synth patches and samples in some youtube videos, hope LPLive admin sees this, just let me know what you want to see most. :lol:


    Reverb is selling around 183+ used/pre-owned LP items from the past years. It is material they aren't using anymore (nothing from recent years). I'd like to see what you all picked up.
    I got:
    - Audio-Technica M3R Stereo Receiver 614-647MHz #29157
    - Boss FS-5L Latching Foot Switch Midiman Merge 2x2 #29022
    - M-Audio Trigger Finger Drum Pad Control Surface USB #29079
    - Yamaha DTXtreme IIS Electronic Drum Brain Module #29080
    What's cool about the Yamaha is that it's loaded with kits configured for Linkin Park songs mostly covering the first two albums, plus a song or two from Minutes to Midnight. You can see the song titles on its LCD screen still. I'm excited to get this!
    I passed on some wireless mics that were around $800 and they still had Mike's & Chester's names on the LCD readouts.
    The sale is found here, still some items left.



    Yooo that is awesome!! I really wanted to get that too but I was limited to either that or the Neko :( still really happy I got the keyboard. So excited to hear you plan on sharing the drum sounds that would be so awesome! :D

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