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8/19/07 - Projekt Revolution Live At Nissan Pavilion


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i remember going to my schools library back when i was in 10th grade to see the tour dates for PR, and i remeber seeing on the LPU's website that the 19th of August LP was to play at the Nissan! I got super stoked and when i got home i forced my dad to buy presale tix for me and him =), we were going to get seats but i said dad cmon lets go pit! He was like ok. so June & July go by and the day finally arrived, we left around close to 11, but i had wanted to go earlier to get in fast and see Madina Lake (i had heard some of their stuff, and wanted to see them). When we got out of the car we could see the Revolution stage , and i could see/hear Madina Lake playing Here I Stand , and by the time i had gotten thru the venue's security Madina Lake had already gone off the stage =(


So next Styles of Beyond had came on. I wasnt too familar with their music , i only knew a couple of songs. I do remember after the second song , Ryu asked "Do we have any Fort Minor fans here? Then i heard Cheapshot sampling the piano intro to Where'd You Go and then i heard Cheap scratchbomb the track and heard Ryu say "Too bad this aint a Fort Minor show!" It caused a lot of people to boo but it was meant to be a funny boo because of how funny it was played off. Then Ryu said "We have a special guest here..." (i got excited i thought Mike was going to come on) , "... hes from CT and his name is Apathy!" Then Ap came on and did a quick verse and broke into Be Your Dog. I love that song it was too awesome. Then they launched into Bloc Party , and i thought "why arent they bringing out Mike?" cmon now. Then after that , i cant remember exactly how Ryu worded it, but he said "We have another special guest we want to bring out, some of you guys might know him, hes from a band called Linkin Park , MIKE SHINODA MAKE SOME NOISE!" i got so fucking HYPED. shit , he came out wearing sunglasses and said whats up to the crowd. then Ryu said , "Maybe this is a Fort Minor show!" i got all happy then they launched into Remember the Name. I remember after that Mike had a small speech explaining " These guys , Styles of Beyond, are my boys and every Fort Minor energy i have is going into their new album." I remember shouting ROCKET SURGERY!! (at the time thats what it was going to be called before switching it to Reseda Beach) then Ryu asked "Aight Who seen the movie Transformers!?" Everyone cheered and they launched into Second to None , i thought FUCK why did my camera had to be broken?! I remember singing along (terribly haha) and some kid tapped me and pointed to another group of kids who were making fun of my singing. I told him to go blow someone and get herpes :). I loved it. I consider this a Fort Minor show since Mike was there. and S2N was the last song then after that Mike said "Cheap , you got the mixtapes? you got em?" then Mike said heres some mixtapes. And Mike, Ap, Ryu, and Tak began throwing them into the crowd . Mike then said "Feel Free To Copy Theses For Your Friends! :) it was epic.


Nothing to memorable to say during the bleds set i went to the merch booth to grab the live cd , and i cut about 17 people while i was pretending to look at Merch , it was funny. i escaped without getting my head ripped off :)


Then Saosin came on i was a bit dissappointed i loved their music but the sound guy sounded like he was having a rough time tuning the sound . I shrugged and got closer cause i wanted to see MSI.

So fastforward MSI came on with this funny intro , my memorys a bit fuzzy but i do remember them playing Shut Me Up and 1989 before my dad called me to get food cause we werent gonna have another chance to get food. i was like ughh my stomach was growling but i left :( i still havent seen them at all i plan to.


So we got food and then made our way to the Main Stage , Julien-K were already playing and finished System De Sexe by the time we got there. Then i looked around and i saw Chester straight chillin with his son. i pointed to my dad and he said hes gonna come out and play with those guys! watch! im like no dad, on the LPU nobody has reported Chester coming out with Julien-K and he said ok bet! i bet him 5 bucks. Then Julien-K begin the intro to Kick the bass, its my favorite song next to Spiral so i was stoked. And i know i was the only one singing along haha. Then Ryan said thanks to LP for bringing them along without having a record out. His whole speech of saying fuck the radio discover us this way. Then Chester ran out and started jammin with them , then grabbed Brandon Belsky's mike and he was close to shouting we are but he came in to early you can see the mistake on the video thats on youtube. Ryan laughed at him, i think Chaz always messes that part up cuz the build up sounds the same, compare it to other YT vids. anyway When the time did come for it he nailed it and it left me in awe. they wrapped up the song and said GIVE IT UP FOR JULIEN K! everyone cheered. then my dad turned to me and said so about my 5 bucks. I gave it to him mad but happy at the same time. later i learned that was the first time he had came out on PR. i was happy.


I remember leaving the pit for Placebo and HIM to go nd jus hang out. None of them interested me. And while walking around i ran into Tak and Vin Skully i was like OMG YOUR TAK!!!! and i talked to him for a bit and asked where Ryu was and Tak told me he wasnt feeling to good and was laying down . I asked if i could take a picture with him he said sure! we took a pic and i remember not being ready but mannn i was happy. i mean this guy worked with Mike and he had great verses. I remember complimenting him on his verse on S2N. After that on my way back to the pit i ran into Steve Righ? from MSI and i was like HEYYY YOUR STEVE FROM MSI!!! and hes like NO IM NOT =D!!! and i asked him if i could take a picture w/ him. He was like yea dude! then i took the pic with him. I was happy. Totally worth missing HIM


Then when i got back HIM was wrapping up and Taking Back Sunday was gettin ready. Then TBS came out and opened with Whats It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?

Thats when the moshing began. Everyone was boucning around then they played Liar and everyone was going crowd surfing. Fast forward a bit , a group of guys i heard were saying ready 1..2...3 YOU SUCK!!! i was like wow, nice way to be mature. TBS closed out with Makedamnsure, then they said Get Ready For MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! thats when the pit was getting crowded but i loved it.


i told my dad get ready there pits are pretty intense.

Then MCR got set up and i remembered their creepy Piano intro starting then the pyro was building up for their intro. Then Gerard was like WTF IS UP!? And played This is How I Dissappear. man so much moshing for MCR it was insane. they played a lot of TBP but it was all nice , they were heavy and energetic and it turned me into a fan. Gway knows how to get the crowd pumped. After they played WTTBP Gerard told every guy to take their shirt off and swing it over their head. My dad did i was like WTF are you doing??! 0__o and he was like getting pumped up for this shit!!! and he even got into the moshing i was like WTF?!! but it was fun. We were out there having fun with MCR, whoever said they dont put a good show on is lying. or justs want to hate MCR for their style. But they kick ass. They closed the set with Helena, and some Queen song leading into Cancer. G said GOODNIGHT!!!


then the moment we have all been waiting for LINKIN PARK :)


The stage was getting set up. i waited for what felt like forever and i saw them set the Kabouki up and i knew they were almost done setting up!

So the lights go off and everyone starts cheering. Going completely mad. Then Wake starts off people are still cheering. Some tool said "I never heard this song before!" I was like idiot. Then the build up starts and the bands silhoutes appear i cheer like mad. Wake finishes and then the intro to Given Up starts everyone in the nissan begins clapping their hands waiting for the Kabouki to fall then BAM it falls and everyone starts cheering. i almost died i didnt think i would ever see them that close. They tore that shit up with Given Up. I was waiting for the epic 18 second scream and when it happens some dirty skank lands on me and i threw her off of me and i missed it =[. I was like ARGH. dumb crowdsurfers. Then they break into NMS (the new intro was unfamilar to me cuz i hadnt listend to the previous SBDS) then Brad was off ripping the intro and started playing that shit. I remembered starting to mosh a bit haha. Then LFY started (its my dads favortite LP song) and he goes off on that shit, my dads a professional buisiness manager. if you knew him you know how serious he is hes always up in suits and fancy clothing that day he turned into a moshing beast and he goes throwing every person on the ground and moshing the fuck out of everything that was in his path. With his help we were able to make it closer to the bar. It was awesome. i was like woa dad your hardcore he looked all happy.


Then the last note of LFY , Foreword started and then dont stay started i was jumping so damn high that day , I almost crowdsurfed but i didnt want to lose my spot so i just pushed people and bounced and bounceddd.then some security guard told me to calm down otherwise hed throw me out i was like whateverrr,


after DS , Mike spoke to the crowd thanking the crowd welcoming us to PR , and dedicated SIB to a fan wearing a Meteora World Tour shirt. i was a bit close to him so i could see whom he was pointing to.

Then my favorite song From the inside. i got so happy they were playing it. i began to push people out of my way and even attempted to get to the bar but the guys in front of me pushed me back almost to the ground , then some guy grabbed me and started singly very annoyingly then i punched him off and continued rocking



Papercut and Points Of Authority was where the moshing got a little more serious . tons of people were falling down , and i kept dropping a lot of crowd surfers. :) haha


Then In Pieces came and i remember the vibe i got from BBB's solo on that shit it was kinda sad how people didnt get into the song until BBB started his solo but whatever.


Then SOTD i didnt really get into it since it wasnt a song i was fond of at the time . i just wanted to see Chester play the guitar, its always a good treat to see him play an instrument


Then the intro To Numb began and holy shit everyone was singing everyone was singing to that shit. I could barely hear chaz singing the whole time. it was amazing. I remember making eye contact with Phoenix during Numb i raised my hand high to the point it was hurting and gave him a wave and thumbs up :)


PMA was boring. im not a big fan of it i wanted to see it reanimated or studio <-(Which i did the next year but thats another review :) )


BTH i was confused at the beginning because of the intro piano , the new piece they added for PR) and i was like OH when the regular piano intro began. Then i felt every bone in my body explode when the boom noise for BTH started. woo :) i sang along and Chester looked all hyped.


Crawling was epic mike had the micstand to the crowd and everyone was singing that shit , too bad Pooch and Dylan edit it so you cant hear the crowd, i wish theyd stop doing that its so awkward listning to it with no crowd singing but it was epic


TLGYA was boring till the end , i love the song but live its too boring until the final part.


What I've Done - omg you can hear it on the DSP but it was a lot louder, everyone got fucking crazy. it felt like as tho the Nissan exploded , as soon as Brad and Mike came in with the guitar EVERYONE started moshing and crowd surfing. i remember carrying 6 people it was getting crazy. i loved it.


Faint then made things more crazy , about 3 crowd surfers were going at a time then everyone was jumping if you weren't jumping you were getting stomped on. Then there was one huge moshpit everyone was getting in on it. Then the outro came and headbanging was ensuing throughout and it left everyone pooped. LP left the stage but of course there was an encore


The gunshot to OSC started and once brad came in with the OSC guitar everyone started cheering and again continued the giant moshpit WID and Faint started. it was insane.


Things calmed down a bit once ITE came in and it was received with the same cheers the previous songs had gotten and everyone was singing along and Mike jumped into the crowd and getting the crowd to sing along. HE was enjoying himself then Joe messed around on the end with the pad or whatever he uses to produce the sound


Bleed it out was the last song played and before he got started , the crowd started before him and he said and i quote



That is the first time i heard the crowd start the verse before i did thank you guys very much!



<- video


oh my god i loved BIO but i dont thik it should close the show but it was still epic. i almost caught robs drumstick but some big guy pushed me back for it. but oh well.

there you have it ladies and gents

stayed tune for Part II when i went to see them on PR08

thanks for reading!

please comment!!!

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