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Question About the LPconcert samples for that old remixing contest


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Recently I rediscoverd the lpconcert samples, and I was going to seperate left from right channels. When I noticed some songs aren't by linkin park, Can someone tell me who are the artists, and what are, the songs on the following?


Lphim 1 => sound 3, sound 7

Lphim 2 => sound 3, sound 7

Lplp 1-4 =>none

LPmcr1 => sound 3 (WTF), sound 5 (another wtf), sound 7

LPtbs => sound 3 (familiar), sound 7


Thanks in advance!

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MCR's song was Mama, HIM's songs were Passion's Killing Floor and Killing Loneliness (I forget which songs were mashed up with which LP songs). I THINK the Taking Back Sunday song was Makedamnsure, but I'm not 100% positive on that. I have all of those samples somewhere, I'll have to dig them up and check.


*Edit* Yup, I was right:


Bleed it Out vs. Makedamnsure

Bleed it Out vs. Passion's Killing Floor

Faint vs. Killing Loneliness

In the End vs. Mama

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