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Kevin and Bean show is now available at iConcerts


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I bought it for 48 hours, but it sucks that it's so hard to download.

We need a rip from the VOD HDTV channel.


Actually it's not the ATS release show.

Yes, my bad. I was thinking about NY show. Could you please edit the topic title?

Btw, i've got another source of this show, which is not listed on the show page. It's recording from MTV Live HD, same as source 1c but in 1080i. I'm going to share it here in few days. But version without interviews from iConcerts would be much better. Hope someone would rip it and share with us.

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Yeah sure, post it! Upgrades are always appreciated!


Now we just need the version without the interviews in 1080i.

The videos on the iConcerts website are just 720p. The quality is ok, but could be a lot better. Someone should grab it from the HDTV channel.

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