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JK News: Tracklisting WHWY/Forum and new Amazon shop‏


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Tracklisting for the new album confirmed


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Hey my lovely JK streetteamers, friends and fans,


I hope this newsletter find you all well and as excited for the new album, as I am.

I promissed you more regular updates and phantastic news straight to you - first - before anybody else writes about them.


Tracklisting "WE'RE HERE WITH YOU"

I am pretty certain this is another mail a lot of you guys are waiting for, as we are about to reveil the final tracklisting for the new album "WE'RE HERE WITH YOU" - which will be out on January, 23 - 2012...

Amir sent me this final list by email just tonight - so you are as fresh as it can be. Ready? so - without further ado...

  • We're Here With You
  • Surrounded By Cowards
  • Cruel Daze of Summer
  • Breakfast In Berlin
  • Palm Springs Reset
  • Colorcast
  • Close Continuance
  • Nights Of Future Past
  • Flashpoint Riot
  • I'll Try Not To Destroy You
JK Forum relaunch:

We had lengthy conversations with the band and some of you fans about the forum, and found that there is a big request for you guys to speak to each other, but only a few enjoyed the old forum right now as it was packed with with spam.

We decided to call it a wrap for the old forum, and simply redirect all of you to the new SYSTEME DE STREET forum, to meet and discuss with each other and the band. Yes, the band promissed to look into the forum every now and then and answer your questions...

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JK gear on Amazon!!!

We got a lot of requests from you guys about offering the shirts and CDs on Amazon, and I am happy to announce that we managed to make this possible - you have the ability now to order stuff straight from Amazon. We are doing our best to keep delivery times as low as possible - on both sites. If you wanna jump in, promoting JK gear - you can use the amazon affiliate programm on your own sites now, or connect the amazon links to your own wishlists... you name it.... Right now, the gear is only available in the german store - but we are working heavily to get it included in all the other stores all over the world!!!!


I sincerly hope that all of you have a great weekend and will enjoy an amazing week... Warm up your JK SDS skills - we are looking forward to more - many more mails like this!!!

Love!!! Daniel


SDS Sessions E.P. Preorder:

For all of you, who are considering to buy the SDS vinyl - now is the best time to do so...


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photocredt by Axel Jusseit, SDS Session V1. Cover by Amrei Hofstätter



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