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Houston, TX, 3/3/11


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What's up all, my first post on here in a VERY LONG time, so here goes...


What a show it was that night! I just finished listening to the first part of the audio and, wow, what else can I say but amazing! I've been to every time they've played Houston except the first time, and it's just been more awesome from one show to the next. And the crowd too was just into it like I had never seen at any of the other shows! I was kind of surprised they left out Wretches & Kings from the setlist that they played, though.


And I won the Meet & Greet, too! First time in five tries.


I got the guys' sigs in that book they put out a few years ago. As I was walking down the table, they were all nice, friendly. Going in, I told myself I was not going to embarrass myself; I said to myself stay calm and you will be fine, no reason to be nervous, they're human, just like you. And it could not have gone any better! I shook hands with them all (except Brad, I guess because I badly timed putting my hand out to him lol) and fist-bumped Chester; looked them all right in the eye, no problem, and I even got to ask two of the guys questions I had on my mind. I asked Mike did he think the guys would have a hand in writing any soundtrack music to the new Transformers movie. He said don't bet on it, but don't count it out. And I commented to Chester how I loved him in Saw 7 and asked him what was it they put on his back to make it look like glue, because I wondered about that, but he said he couldn't tell me because the filmmakers made him sign his life away haha


Who else was there and in the M&G with me?

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On the whole, not a bad review. :rolleyes:  

Why not, own pictures from the show ?


- or you're not be photographed ?-

Ah, I took pictures but I haven't had them developed yet! haha not sure if they're going to turn out well because I was about halfway between the stage and the edge of the floor.

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