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Question for those who have seen LP in Concert


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I've been to quite a few concerts and I've never seen Linkin Park yet.


I've always found that the vocals always seemed muted in concerts and the instrumentals overpowered. How is the balance in the Linkin Park shows? The balance seems good from all the audience recordings I've seen but the recordings of the concerts I've been to also sound a lot better when recorded.


Just curious (:

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i went to the concert in denmark in october, and there were a really good connection between the mic and the music itself, so dont be afraid :D


I went to Cologne on 27 October 2010 and imo Chester's mic was a bit low, plus the crowd was pretty loud so i couldnt hear him very properly most of the time.


Sad for you :(

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I've been to 3 LP concerts so far... The first of them was terribly mixed in my opinion.. :P

But the next 2 were perfect. ;) I don't know, but i think it also depends in what kind of venue they are playing..

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Sunrise was horrible. It may have been the crowd, not too sure, but I was on the right side about 5 people deep and I could just hear the bass and that was about it. I could barely hear any vocals or guitar. But the crowd was rocking, so that may have had something to do with it. Having said that, it was still the time of my life. Don't worry too much.


Also, talked to Hugo in the M&G. He said the best seat in the house was center stage near the back of the floor. You get all the visual and audio effects the band worked on. If you aren't too worried about being close, I'd suggest that.

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the sound from all the videos from Atlanta sounded absolutely perfect

Yeah, that seemed like a kickass show, I'm jealous of them haha. I'm happy I'm seeing them them in Montreal, they have a huge gap between, so Chester should be well rested.


As for depending on the venue- aren't most arenas ~ the same?

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