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Hybird Theory EP B&W


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no, i though i saw pictures of the EP with different covers, well slightly different. it had a caption something like "Before they had enough money to get fancy shiny paper" or something like that..

That was the Xero tape, not the HTEP. I don't have the image handy, but the original artwork was a black and white close-up image of an empty shopping cart, instead of the artwork with the baby on it that's far more common.

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OOHHHH!!.. thats right. my bad. hahaha


well, Does anyone have Black and white Xero Tape Cover


The one on the left.


..i have pretty much exhausted Google, looking at google images and Linkin Park fan pages and other random places. I don't know where else to find any pictures.. I'm EXTREMELY desperate. HEEELLLPP!!

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