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2.26.08 - Sommet Center - Nashville, Tenn.


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Hey, I've been checking out this site for almost a year now, but this is my first post. Man, I've got to say this night was one of the best of my life. It was the first (of two, so far) times I've seen LP, and I almost didn't get to go because of the heinous amount of snow on the Cumberland Plateau (I live in Knoxville, so I had to drive over to Plateau to Nashville). Anyway, I got to the Sommet Center at about 6:00, and made my way with my (ex now….bitch) girlfriend almost to the front in time to see Chiodos play. We were about six rows back and I enjoyed them, and Coheed & Cambria was pretty good too, even though I got a little bored during their set. Claudio can play the hell out of the guitar. Finally, it was time for Linkin Park to set up. I have listened to Linkin Park for six years, and barely missed seeing them in Atlanta in 2007, so needless to say I was ridiculously pumped at this point. I know every word and couldn't wait to see what their set would hold. I also had not even heard of this site yet, so I had NO idea what to expect from the band. As they finally began setting the stage I was really impressed with their giant screen set up and the way the stage led up to Rob's drums and Joe's set up. As time wore on and my adrenaline wore off just a little, I got a little worried because it had been an hour and there was no sign of LP yet. Then. . . . . . REALLY started the best night of my life. J Next was Valentine's Day which I loved for the first time since I got Minutes to Midnight. Chester messed up a line in the middle, but I still got chills again. Numb and Shadow of the Day were perfect too, and after Chester played the guitar in SOTD, he threw his pick that hit me in the chest! I was lucky enough to have some fat lady crush the hell out of my hand for it, and she won, with her husband looking at me like I had tried to kill her. Crawling and In the End were also incredible. I loved the Reanimation intro to Crawling, and the crowd was the loudest of the whole main set during In the End. Bleed it Out was awesome and full of extenders with everything but the sing-a-long part. Rob nailed the solo perfectly and Chester's growls were perfect as they had been the whole night. That signaled the first encore break. At this point I was covered in sweat, beer, and everything in between. The crowd roared when Chester started My December and it was a great piano performance. It led into Breaking the Habit which was absolutely epic. The intro and entire song was chilling. I, being the idiot I was, started to leave after this, heading towards the middle of the aisle in the floor. I had the best night of my life, only slightly disappointed they didn't play OSC. As I reached the middle, I heard the guitar strum. . .


I freaked the hell out because A. I recognized A Place for my Head, and B. Mike Shinoda ran two feet past me, gave me a high five, then jumped up on the rail and into the pit! HOLY SHIT! APFMH was out of control, Chester's screams were EPIC, Mike headbanged the whole time on the edge of the pit and sprayed silly string into it, as a crowd surfer in a full leg cast went by him. The "Go Away's" by the crowd were awesome too! Then my night's dreams were fulfilled as One Step Closer kicked in; I love it as a closer to a show, and Mike pumped the crowd up one last time before the bridge, Chester told the world to SHUT UP and the extended outro was fucking sweet. ONE HELL OF A NIGHT


It wasn't quite over because I ended up snowed in on the side of the interstate in my car all night, and made it home at seven the next morning, which didn't phase me after my awesome night. I thought it was ironic that Chester's screams were so real that night because it was only a night or so before he got really sick and they cancelled the shows. It was an incredible show, I really recommend the SBD, and if anyone's interested I have some really really good pictures from the show. I also have clips of videos of every song (mainly the screams and choruses) on Youtube under Ethanmr909. If anybody was there or is interested I can email those suckers to you.

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