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Okay, so i'm really hoping that LP comes to Baltimore again this year, and me and my little brother are thinking about joining the whole LPU thing...


But I have a question, or possibly a few questions based on the answers I get.


QUESTION: What all do we get if we each pay the $10 for the monthly thing, other than the opportunity to buy the tickets on the first day of pre-sale? Like what about Meet&Greet, and all that good stuff?


Me and my little brother would sincerely appreciate all the answers we get, and please don't be harsh, because I am really new to all of this. Never been to a LP concert before, and I'm really hoping I get to!


Please and Thank you all for your help!!

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You can usually buy at least 2 tickets, and most likely can get more than that with just one LPU membership. In the past, LPU has also eliminated some of the service fees that you would usually get charged with if you bought tickets through LiveNation or TicketMaster, too. Not sure if they're doing that this time?

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