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10.06.2008 Vilnius, Lithuania, Siemens Arena II


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Allright, get your snacks and drinks cause you will have to read.... VERY MUCH xD



So, on 21st of April I woke up, went downstairs and made some breakfast. Suddenly a SMS came from my cousin.

"Agota (that's my name), did you know that Linkin Park will come to Vilnius??"

I was like :blink: .

"What?? Where did you find this kind of info?"

"Delfi (our local news site) wrote this"

I jumped off the table, ran upstairs, turned on PC and holy macaroni. THEY ARE COMING. I totally squeaked. I was all shaky, send SMS to my best friend (who is a LP fan) and to my sister's husband (who also likes LP).

Anyway, it was unofficial.. So in the evening I went to lp.com and was like :blink: again.

"LINKIN PARK WILL PERFORM IN VILNIUS AND RIGA" Omfg, I took my laptop to my parents, pointed to the screen, and said:

"Can I go??"

"When will it be?"

"On June 10th.. It will be Thursday.. But I can not go to school couple of days, right?"

"Okay... You can go.."

I was sooo happy xD I wrote to Brigita (my best friend):

"So, will you go to concert?"

"I really want, but my parents can't take me to Vilnius" (We live in Klaipeda, which is 300km away from Vilnius) So I was like:

"Maybe my parents can take you? We still be in Vilnius from June 6th.. And June 9th will be Def Leppard concert, that I will be going to... Wait I will ask my parents"

And they agreed. They can take Brigita, too. Yay :>>

So, on 28th of April I didin't go to school, because I had to buy tickets :D At 10am the "Tiketa" (the firm, that sells tickets) collapsed >.< It just lagged. So many people around Lithuania were buying tickets.. So anyway, I got tickets after 1h. And the results are:

1000 first tickets sold within 2mins.

~ 10 000 tickets sold within 9 hours.

And the rest 1 000 tickets were sold within 48 hrs.

Plus 500 tickets were sold, too xD


So, at 2pm Brigita arrived via bus xD She said, that the bus was full of Linkin Park fans.. They singed LP songs and showed off their LP T-shirts xD

Anyway, when I met Brigita at Vilnius bus station, we went to eat to McDonalds that was nearby. The McDonalds was full of LP fans. One girl even had a HT soldier tattoo :rolleyes: Anyway, when we finish eating the hell started.. We wanted to be near "Siemens" Arena like at 3.30pm, but we were there at 4.30pm because my parents had to buy stuff >.< So me and Brigita were in the car with no conditioner (or how to say it). I was like HOT in the car, and even hotter in outside. The sun was like BURNING >.<

So anyway, at 4.30pm we were near "Siemens" arena. Yeeaah xD We met Agne (from one Lithuanian LP fansite) and started to wait when the doors will be open.. At it will be opened at 6.30pm... So that means 2 hours of waiting outside. We were near the doors and suddenly Rob showed up :blink: Everyone like sticked to the door's glass but one guy shouted "it isn't Rob dumbasses". Then people inside started to take tables near the glass and there was six chairs. We thought it gonna be like MnG, but naah..

So anyway, at 6.40pm (yeah they were 10mins late) the doors opened. Me, Agne and Brigita splitted up, I went to buy a t-shirt and everyone around me shouted "WHERE ARE THE FAN ZONE?????" (a.k.a the pit)

So I buyed a shirt, met Brigita and we ran to the fan zone. YEAH! We got the bracelet, and stood at second row from the stage :P Agne found us, too.


So at 8.20pm the warming up group The Blackout showed up on the stage. Everyone was like jumping and the heat was like in the desert.. Between TB songs everyone were shouting "LINKIN PARK, LINKIN PARK" and the TB lead singer said "Okay, wait, Linkin Park will come.. Couple songs left". It was funny xD

By the way, couple of people were fainting because of the heat. So the security guards were giving water. Everyone were friendly and gave their water to others :>


At about 9.20pm the lights went off and the gun shoots were heard. OMFG. Joe and Rob went on the stage. Then rest of the band. "ONE STEP CLOSER" everyone were like CRAZY. I didin't heard Chaz, because everyone around me and me were just shouting the OSC lyrics.

After POA Mike started to talk about one song.. AT IT'S "READING MY EYES". That was an unreal surprise.

Pic from RME:

Posted Image

Then Leave Out All The Rest.. Mike said to put something in the air. And within 4 seconds the whole ""Siemens" was "burning". Mike said "Now it looks like in the video".


Posted Image

I think during Shadow Of The Day, I started to wave hands and jump, and smile, and I attracted Brad's attention and he smiled to me. I like.. almost melted :D

And "In The End".. I was soo praying for Mike or Chaz in the crowd and we got both! Well, I got Mike actually xD I grabbed Mike's jeans. And one moment Mike was like above my head and he looked into my eyes. Then after ITE Mike wanted to go back on the stage and I, and four other people grabbed Mike's hand and didin't let go. Mike was like loughting and when he got his hand back, he gave me five... Ahh xD


Posted Image

During the new WID piano intro, me, Agne and Brigita were shouting "Joe Haaahn". (You actually can hear in one video). Joe heard us and saw us, and showed the peace sign xD

And after BIO drum solo, Chaz brought Tyler on stage. I thought I gonna scream my lungs out xD LOL xD

Posted Image

Then after BIO there was encore. And Then PMA piano. The "Siemens" was "burning" again.

Posted Image

And during last song Faint. Everyone were crazy. Jumping, screaming and omfg xD

After the concert, the merch booth was like full of people xD When I was in the line for merch everyone was shouting "LINKIN PARK, LINKIN PARK". So I buyed Music For Relief scarf and when I went outside... From every car there was Linkin Park music, everyone were shouting

"Linkin Park", screaming, whistling.


So, we went back home to Klaipeda at 3am. That was the most greatest day in my life.

All pics taken by me :>


Random Notes

When Mike came to the crowd during In The End, he smelled like he perfumed whole bottle of perfume xD

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