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Your Ultimate Show Of Ultimate Ultimateness


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What would your dream show be? What would be the most epic thing that could ever be conceived in the history of mankind? Let me tell you what I think that would be. Realisticness is discouraged.








01: Brand new live-only intro. Without a title, this song is the new intro to concerts. It starts off with a heavy atmosphere with an epic piano, and drums slowly building off into an epic fade as Chester comes onto the stage.

02: One Step Closer. Version with the extended intro and outro, the extended intro leading in from the previous build up. Epic visuals behind them on a massive projected screen showing lots of cool shit.

03: Wretches and Kings. Skipping the speech at the start, and it directly immediatly leads on from One Step Closer with an epic new live intro.

04: Points of Authority. The version with the Fort Minor intro and outro.

05: Across the Line. Non-demo; finished and mastered version, for live only. has the epic scale of epic epicness.

06: High Votalge. The epic version from LPU2.0

07: Forgotten. Oh, come on, why not.

08: New Divide, Piano Version. New divide Piano Version: Half epic piano, half full version. The piano leads into one of the choruses, with epic drum/guitar/synth build up.

09: Burning in the Skies. 'Nuff said.

10: No More Sorrow. With the epic intro and a special extended outro.

11: QWERTY. 'Nuff said.

12: Breaking The Habbit. With extended piano outro, leading into---

12: Hands Held High. The String Quartet guys come up and start playing their version, along with Mike playing the piano. The whole band sings the last part in a massive choir, with slow drum/guitar build up into an epic outro at the end, that blows everyone's minds away.

13: What I've Done. Version with fireworks intro, and a special extended outro in which there is a new guitar solo that ends the song, leading into--

14: Somewhere I Belong. 'Nuff said.

15: Figure 09. Well, it's Figure 09. What more do you need?

16: Leave Out All The Rest. With an extended piano outro, that builds up into--

17: Faint. With its extended outro.

18: Given Up.

19: Iridescent. With fallout as the intro, and an all new extended outro.

20: Pushing Me Away. Piano version that builds into the album version, which then itself builds up into--

21: Lying From You.

22: In The End.

23: The Catalyst.

24: Bleed It Out. with its epic drum solo.

24: The Messenger.

25: In Pieces (Piano Version) This song ends the show in an epic fashion. It starts out as a piano-only track, then builds into its studio version, but at the end there's an even more epic outro that builds up and up and up and up until it bursts with its awesomeness. They then manage to work every epic guitar solo they've worked on into one track, blowing the audience away because it flowed so well. With an epic drum build up, and the sound of an explosion courtesy of Mr Hahn, the concert is over.


Any ideas for your ultimate setlist of epic ultimatness?

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