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Old article about Chester and football


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Just have to note that I live fifteen minutes away from that football ground :D.

I can't remember what it says exactly. More or less he supports Ipswich Town FC, which is a team in the Championship league here in the UK. An old friend of his was a supporter and got him interested...I'll try and find out more.

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I am very pleased that Chester supports the English club Ipswich town. But it would be better if Chester rooting for Manchester (United). :D


else one moment, if so Chester supports Ipswich town, then why Chester did not invest money in the club, as did Sylvester Stallone with Everton (invested money in the club)

Where is now Everton (Premier League)

and where is now Ipswich Town (Championship)


I can still bring one fact: if now was the Ipswich Town in the Premier League, then I'm sure that Chester can would come to England every weekend to watch games of his favorite club Ipswich town. And probably concerts Linkin Park in England would be much more. ;)


In conclusion I want to say that everything depends on Chester.


I'll try and find out more.

OK, I'll wait  B) Edited by Sucre06
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