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it just says the deluxe edition nothing about parental advisory


and does anyone know where we check to make sure we preordered it

On the album page, there will be two songs that have a black or red box next to them. If they are red and say "Explicit" then you bought the PA version. If they are black and say "Clean" then you bought the non-PA.


I don't think I can put that any more simply.

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any news?

Edit: I got this message not long ago...

With the release date over 5 weeks away, the final product may end up being different, as it is always subject to change. But at this time it appears that the Deluxe version will have the clean versions of the songs. Whether or not that changes or if the explicit version becomes available, is primarily up to the music label.

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oh wow what a buzzkill i guess we will wait and see but do u know how to check and see if u preordered it?

Like if the album has explicit lyrics or not? Usually you'll see red writing inside of a red box that says "Explicit" out to the right of the song title. I think it's a black box with black writing that says "Clean" if it's the clean version.


At present, no distinction is made between the two on the deluxe version. You can verify what I'm saying by looking at the "regular" versions of ATS on iTunes and comparing against the Deluxe version.

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i just wanna know where we can check and see if the preorder is in my purchase history? because im pretty sure when i preordered out of ashes it showed up but the a thousand suns 1 hasnt

Got ya...


First, click on the home tab. Over to the right, you should see something akin to "Welcome, (your name)..." You should see something that says "Quick Links," and under that, stuff like "Redeem," "Buy iTunes Gifts," etc. Click the one that says "Account." It's like the fifth one down on mine. You'll be prompted to login with your password.


You should now see a screen that says, "Apple Account Information." The first bit is your information, email address, etc. About the middle of the screen, you should see something that says, "Most Recent Purchase," with a "Purchase History" button to the right of it. Beneath that button, you should see a button that says "Manage Preorders." Click on that.


You should see a listing for ATS on the "Manage Preorders" page.

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