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one step closer usa humble brothers remixes internal review cd-r

Jug Of Water

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any one heard of this one step closer usa humble brothers remixes internal review cd-r?? well, thats pretty much where our 1stp klosr demo came from. heres a track listing.

1)One Step Closer (Humble brothers remixes) -extended version- 6:18. AKA 1stp Klosr demo from frat party

2)One Step Closer (Humble brothers remixes) -FM Radio Version- 3:58

3)One Step Closer (Humble Brothers Remixes)-LP Version-2:35? cant see it well.

My Question is wtf is and LP Version? what is that and what is the significance of it? is that time 2:35?

Where the hell can i find a better picture of the cover art? and does anybody really have any clue where to find this LP Version? *coughs Nkramar* i think the 3rd track is one step closer album version (one off of hybrid theory.) has a time of 2:36. but why LP version. and its not remixed? any1 know something about this sh*t? :unsure:


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The LP version is the Hybrid Theory album version of One Step Closer. It's no different than how there's a promo CD with both the original and Reanimation versions of My December on it. This CD has been ripped before, the mp3 of the Radio Edit is fairly common.

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