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01.02.2002 Chicago, IL, UIC Pavillion, Projekt Revolution Tour


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Review By Ryan's


My friend and I got to the Pavilion just in time to find our other friends that had seats (suckers) so they could hold onto our jackets. We got to the floor to look for my girlfriend and before we knew it, the lights went out. A recording started to play that said, "Welcome to Projekt:Revolution featuring DJ-Ztrip, Cypress Hill (fans cheer loudly), Adema (louder cheering), and Linkin Park (x-tra loud cheering). Please sit back and enjoy the show. Now on stage..........ADEMA (Immediately Adema starts playing Everyone, the first song of their CD. Everyone started cheering and screaming and even though the tickets said no mosh/no crowd surfing, no one cared. Adema left the UIC Pavilion dedicating their final song, Giving In, to Marky's little sister who was ill at the time. About after 20 minutes of setting up, Cypress Hill got on stage where, in my opinion, they weren't very good. A few songs into their set, B-Real asked for the people in the back to bring out Bo-Bo. Half the people in the Pavilion were screaming but the other half were like, "What the hell is Bo-Bo?" Well, we soon found out it was a 5' 6" BONG! YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A BONG! They then sang the song "Get High" where about the entire crowd got high from either smoking their own weed or inhaling weed smoke. That was bad. After Cypress Hill finished their hour and fifteen minute long set, the greatest moment was happening...Linkin Park was setting up! After a half hour intermission where a lot of pushing and flashing (yes flashing) took place, Linkin Park took stage. After a few hours of already moshing and being elbow to elbow, the fans did not lose any energy. During the song Points of Authority, Chester came down toward the audience and sang right in front of me! I put my hand way up in he air and me being the 6'2" person I am, had the highest reach to Chester. He noticed my hand and hit it....TWICE! I also got spit on and looked at by him. I sound like a little girl but it took me a couple weeks to finally wash my hand. Halfway through the set, the entire band left the stage and the lights went darker than they were before. Me and a few guys I didn't even know started yelling "MY DECEMBER!!!" Well, we guesed it and Chester got a little pissed at us and said, "look at those three assholes, they ruined it for you!" They performed it and it was amazing. One of their last songs was "Push it" or "shove it", a cover of the Deftones. And of course their final song was One Step Closer, where Marky Chavez, B-Real, and that other guy from Cypress Hill came in before the Shut Up part started. After the concert, we went and chilled outside concert area and bought a bottle of water for $3 (which, may I add, was VERY refreshing). Security finally kicked a few of my friends and I out of the Pavilion where we stayed outside in the freezing cold Chicago weather. Overall, kick ass concert. Out of Five stars I give it a * * * * *


Source: http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/linkinpark10/cr9.html

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