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04.02.2002 Detroit, MI, Cobo Arena, Projekt Revolution Tour


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Review By Cortney's


My two friends and I went to the Feb 4th Projekt Revolution concert. We arrived at the arena when Adema was halfway into there set. I was just chilling during Cypress Hill's preformance, cause I didn't really give a shit about them. But these guys around my friends and I were smoking weed, and I was like, OH MY GOD! I was getting a contact buzz, I think that's why I fell down the stairs. *haha* More to come on that.

At the end of the Cypress Hill preformance, we went looking to sign our friend up for the Underground so that she could meet the guys with us. We finally found it, and we were freaked out that we wouldn't be able to get her to meet them, cuse they weren't giving out any more of the cards. But the ladies were so kick ass and they gave her there last one. YOU ROCK GIRLS, WHOEVER YOU ARE! :)

We went and found seats for the LP preformance. We had already seen the guys in concert, it was just all about meeting them. The guys' preformance was kick ass tho.. you guys rock!

So after the concert, we got the run around to get our passes to meet the guys. Finally we found out where we were supposed to go, and in the process, I had to walk down the stairs. I swear that I had a contact buzz, because as I was walking down, I was being all careful, and I fell flat on my ass down the whole flight of stairs. Not only was only the people of the Underground to see me, but my legs were all dirty and wet from the nasty stairs. Everyone started laughing at me, so I was embarrassed of me. But, it would get worse.

The guys came out, and we waited for like 15 min and we were going to meet the guys. Well, this time I was holding onto the side of the stairs since I had to walk down them again. My friend laughed and said, "Lets see if Cort can fall again. Then the guys will laugh at her."

As I'm walking past Mike and Phoenix my friend goes "This girl fell down the stairs for you!" And they look at me, and Mike continues to sign the piece of paper. But Phoenix goes "Are you ok? What Happened?" And I reply, "The fucking stairs are all wet from drunks god damn beer. Look, my ass is all dirty!" And him and Mike just laugh. I go down the line, get my autographs and pictures, and then I just wait for my friends. As I take this picture of Chester, my friend is shaking his hand, and he looks all googly. My friend still says, "Look at the way he's looking at me. All googly. AHH! CHESTER LIKES ME!" *HAHA* Anyways, the concert was kick ass, something that you'd expect from these completely cool guys. These guys can only get cooler, and I hope to go to many more concerts of there, and add to my 50+ concerts to date.


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