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11.02.2002 Lowell, MA, Tsongas Arena, Projekt Revolution Tour


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Review By Cindy's


I got picked up from school by my cousin Julie and we went straight to Lowell! It took about an hour and 15 minutes. We parked across the street in the garage and let me tell you, IT WAS FREEZING! I was sick after that day! We found all of the contest winners and waited with them for AN HOUR! I was the youngst one there! Haha, everyone had to bring some sort of identification and I didn't have anything. I brought a library card! HAHA! I felt like such a dweeb, but the guy was awesome. He just laughed and pat me on the head and told me to go in. Hehe By the way the contest was to see a private performance by Linkin Park =) They finally let us in at 4:30 wen it was suppose to start at 4:00! Boogers =P Hehe, well we got in and Mike started talking and I was just in aw that it was actually happening! There was only about 45-50 of us there so we basically had a front row mini concert! They played for about 30 minutes instead of 20 like they were suppose to. They played It's Going Down, Papercut, High Voltage, One Step Closer, some Deftones song, Some Metallica, Pheonix and Brad were playing some jazz song, haha, and they played a little of Sweet Child of Mine but Pheonix messed it up! Haha, Pheonix also tripped Chester! It was funny and Chester beat him up =P Haha Chester also tweaked Mike's nipples, haha!

After they were done playing, they signed a bunch of stuff for us! Chester threw out some guitar picks and Rob gave out some drum sticks. Unfortunately, I got neither =( But I did get something and it was from Chester! Hehe, they were giving out this mini posters/carboard things, haha and siging them. They also signed my Hybrid Theory EP for me. Everyone but Brad signed stuff, he wasn't a very happy fellow. Pheonix called someone's friend for them, hehe I thought that was cool. They asked Mike too, but he wouldn't. Anyways, they hung out for a while but then they kicked us out! =P

The concert was awesome except Adema couldn't make it! That sucked! But, I bought a sweatshirt and just rocked the whole night with Cypress Hill and LP! Haha, Cypress Hill smoked some shit on stage and they just kicked ass. EXCEPT WHEN THEY SANGE INSANE IN THE MEMBRAIN THEY SAID INSANE LIKE KURT COBAIN! RIP KURT! Meanies! =P!!!!!!! Anyways, Linkin Park played a lot. They played Papercut, In The End, By Myself, With You, Points of Authority, My December, It's Gound Down, The Deftones song again, One Step Closer, Crawling, Pushing Me Away, and Runaway. My throat was hurting after a while but you know, I toughed it out! Hehe I really encourage you to go see LP They just kicked ass.

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