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Rip off trader


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I am Voodoocobra respected trader and filmer.I have been ripped off by Yeast!I contacted him in October for a trade.It was supposed to be a small trade but he wanted an 11 DVD trade which was no problem for me.He has received my DVD'S but I have not received anything from him.I have since written to him 4 times without any response.He is from Thailand.

This was the last Email from him.


Hi Thananop,

Have you received my DVD's yet?

I still have not received yours.



Hello Christian....


Do you have any new dvd from Linkin Park, Limp bizkit, Korn and other bands ?


Yes, I just received your dvd package 2 days ago..... that so late, I think it wrong to sendout.


But, I still not check your dvds all, but I hope all them fine.


btw, I've send out my dvds to you last week and hope it will arrive to your home very soon.


sorry, for delay mate.


have a nice day and I hope to deal with you again.


cheer.....see you dude.


Best Regards.


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Yeast is a bad trader since like 2004 or so, I always tell people better not to trade with him. Sucks he still manages to cheat some traders every year, especially since he always uses the same nickname.


Maybe there were some successful trades with him (never did one), but he was always a bad guy pretending he has filmed some LP shows, starting with Bangcock 2004 lol.

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