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GLXS (Dies) Review.


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The exhibit, on the first floor, started off with lots of magazine clippings and photos of celebrities and covered the walls, accented with spray paint and paint, transforming into tentacle shapes. Flourescent pink neon lettering on the walls described his theme for the show, though it blinded my eyes somewhat trying to read all the way through. I liked his concept though, which was a continuation of paintings describing a character he portrayed in his first show Glorious Excess (Born). It chronicles the rise and fall of a nameless main character who has climbed to celebrity status and has reaped the rewards of his stardom, indulging in his fame and money to excess. It is a commentary on celebrity status, fame, and how we as consumers are influenced by celebrities and much of our choices are seemingly controlled by whatever it is that is "hot" at the moment according to celebrities.



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Oh, i dont wanna open a new topic for this, its the right topic to post about:

Mike gave to us a link to flickr.com where we can see pictures about GLXS (Dies)...probably the same pictures are there that we saw on mikeshinoda.com, but i dont have flickr.com/yahoo account. Can anybody confirm that we've got the same pictures there? Here is the link!

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