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PR07 Band Rankings


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Similar to the PR08 band rankings thread, rate the PR07 bands! I'm not going to rank in order, I'm just gonna say what I thought about each band. I'm not going to include LP because obviously they were my favorite act, and I have only one word on the performances I saw from them at PR07: amazing.


My Chemical Romance:


I thought they were really amazing, they put a really energetic and fun show. I saw them a few months before PR07 at Bamboozle and they were equally as awesome. I'd say my favorite performance from PR was 'Mama.'


Taking Back Sunday:


I thought they were pretty good live, but I'm not really a big fan of their music to be honest. I also saw them at Bamboozle and I thought they played better there actually. I'd say my favorite performance from PR was 'What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost.'




I like their studio stuff a lot, it's really dark and moody and that's what I like about it. I didn't really watch their whole set but I remember him chain smoking the whole time. Good band though.




I thought it was really cool to see them on PR and I thought they performed really well. They were very appreciative of Linkin Park and the fans which was cool.




Sadly, I only got to see Julien-K once out of the three PR shows that I went to, and that was at Mansfield and we had seats, which sucked. I liked their set, of coarse they were awesome. My favorite performance from PR was 'Someday Soon.'


Mindless Self Indulgence:


I thought they were really amazing and fun live. They performed really well and played an awesome set, they were probably my favorite act on PR next to LP. Jimmy was really funny in Syracuse because he was bashing Hilary Duff.




I like the moodiness in their music and I thought the lead vocalist had a really strong and good voice. I haven't heard anything from them since PR though, what happened to them?


The Bled:


I'm not much intro screamo but I thought they were pretty awesome. Everyone was moshing and they were fun to watch.


Styles Of Beyond:


They were awesome, especially since Mike came out for Remember The Name and Second To None. They also played a song called 'Kick Me Out' which I still remember to this day because it was really good. I also brought my 2000 Fold and Megadef CD's for them to sign and they thought it was really awesome.


Madina Lake:

Actually, scratch MSI as being my second favorite band on this tour, Madina Lake was. I have always loved their music, way before PR, and I've since seen them 3 more times, they're really amazing and nice and they love their fans to death, even more than LP does I would say. They played an awesome set, and Nathan actually was walking around before PR started and said hi and hung out with me for a few minutes.

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