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September 19, 2008


"According to the U.N. there are approx. 800,000 people in need of help in Haiti following four recent storms which devastated the Caribbean nation. Tropical storms Fay and Hanna and hurricanes Gustav and Ike all hit Haiti in the span of one month killing more than 600 people and leaving behind a disaster that has practically destroyed the entire port city of Gonaives.


Make a donation here to help those struggling in Haiti!


One week ago today hurricane Ike made landfall on Galveston, TX as a category two storm wiping out entire towns on the Bolivar Peninsula. Some residents cannot tell where their homes or their streets used to be.


DONATE to MFR to aid the recovery effort.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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September 29, 2008


Thank you to the MFR supporters who have already made donations to help people in the Gulf Coast and Haiti as they recover from Hurricanes Ike, Gustav and other Atlantic storms. Your donations thus far have helped Direct Relief International send emergency medical and aid and basic personal care products for those living in shelters.

If you've already donated to MFR for hurricane recovery in the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast please help spread the word that AID IS STILL NEEDED. In Haiti, nearly a month after the most severe flooding, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and in dire need of food and shelter, while millions of cubic yards of mud still needs to be cleared before rebuilding can take place. In Texas and Louisiana, recovery and rebuilding of the affected area will take months. Please visit musicforrelief.org to donate.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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October 7, 2008


Linkin Park has been forced to cancel their upcoming Music For Relief Concerts in Mainland China, Macau and Taipei as lead vocalist Chester Bennington has sustained a back injury and is under doctor's orders to refrain from traveling or any physical activities. Linkin Park sincerely regrets this unavoidable cancellation and apologizes to fans for any disappointment caused. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.


The concerts were organized as fundraisers to benefit those affected by a devastating earthquake this past May. However, thanks to generous donations from concert promoter Emma Ticketmaster and Linkin Park, funds will still be contributed to the band’s nonprofit organization, Music for Relief, and matched by the World Bank. These funds will benefit post-earthquake reconstruction projects in the Sichuan Province initiated by Chinese Civil Society Organizations.


The cancelled shows are as follows:

Oct. 12 - Shanghai, China - Shanghai Stadium

Oct. 15 - Wuhan, China - Xinhua Stadium

Oct. 17 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Soccer Stadium

Oct. 19 - Beijing, China - Beijing Workers Stadium

Oct. 21 - Macau, China Cotai Arena - The Venetian


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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October 14, 2008


Wildfires have scorched over 10,000 acres of land and 40 homes in southern CA, since Sunday Oct. 12. The fires are being fueled by high Santa Ana winds and have prompted evacuations in Porter Ranch, west of Interstate 5, and Sylmar, there is also a fire on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in San Diego. The Red Cross has opened the following evacuation shelters for those who've been forced from their homes by the fires.



San Fernando High School, 1133 O’Melveny Ave, San Fernando 91340


Sylmar High School, 13050 Borden Av, Sylmar 91342


Shepherd of the Hills Church (Partner shelter), 19700 Rinaldi St, Porter Ranch 91326


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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October 16, 2008


Linkin Park has donated an autographed epiphone guitar to be auctioned off to help raise funds for Habitat for Humanity, one of Music for Relief's partner organizations. Here's your chance to become the owner of an awesome guitar and do good for others at the same time. To bid visit www.ebay.com/hollywoodforhabitat. 100% of the proceeds raised in this auction will benefit Habitat for Humanity families in need, so please bid often, and help support this worthy cause that is important to LP and MFR.


For more information about this auction or about Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity, visit www.hollywoodforhabitat.com.



Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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October 27, 2008


Music for Relief is honored to have participated in the 2nd China Development Marketplace (CDM) in Beijing on Oct 21-22. At the CDM, grassroots civil society organizations from all over China proposed innovative ways to address many social and environmental issues including earthquake recovery.

MFR is pleased to be funding the following projects to aid earthquake recovery in the Sichuan Province.

1) Eco residence and community recovery: Utilizing an earthquake resistant design and environmentally friendly materials, this project will rebuild homes for those left homeless after the 5.12 earthquake.

2) Residential primary school recovery: Many children in the earthquake affected region live at residential schools while their parents travel to cities to work. This project provides funding to a residential school to help replenish supplies including books for the library and other supplies as well as train volunteers to provide psychological counseling for children following the earthquake.

3) Fanbei village medical center support: This project will provide necessary equipment and training to a rural medical clinic in the earthquake affected area which will improve immediate conditions for local residents’ medical care as well as preventative care.

4) School support social work: This project provides funding for children at a residential school wholost one or both parents in the earthquake.


For more information, read the full press release here


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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October 29, 2008


Support excellent grassroots music and a great cause in San Marcos, TX on November 14-16. MUSIC FOR RELIEF WILL BE THERE RAISING FUNDS FOR HURRICANE IKE AND GUSTAV SURVIVORS.


United States Entertainment Force and The Roots Music Association present the WORLD UNITED MUSIC FESTIVAL. A 3 day, 8 stage, 150 band music explosion featuring independent bands from the farthest corners of the world to your local favorites.

A portion of the proceeds benefit the families of soldiers wounded overseas.

Top independent artists from around the country and abroad join together with local favorites to bring you the best in Blues, Bluegrass, Roots Rock, Reggae, Roots/Americana, Folk, Country, Tejano, Gospel, and more.

Get tickets and more info here.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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October 31, 2008


On Wednesday a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Pakistan's largest and poorest province of Baluchistan. Troops are transporting relief goods to up to 45,000 people affected by the earthquake, however only a fraction of survivors have received the help they need. Tents and blankets are urgently needed for the 20,000 homeless who are sleeping outside due to destroyed or damaged homes or fear of aftershocks. for more information or to make a donation click here



Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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November 5, 2008


Are you on SocialVibe yet? It's a site that supports charities like MFR by allowing you to can sign up and place a badge on your MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, or other social networking page.

When you post a badge, SocialVibe will take money from a sponsor which you've chosen and donate it to Music for Relief. As long as you have the badge on your page you will continue to earn money for MFR. This is a simple way you can support disaster relief and prevention and help raise money for a good cause - just by signing up and posting a badge. Sign up here. The goal is to raise at least $5,000 by the end of the year so we really need your help. Here's what you can do:


1) Signup at socialvibe.com

2) Pick Music for Relief as your charity

3) Choose your favorite company to act as the sponsor

4) Create your own custom badge for your MySpace or Facebook profile

5) Post the badge (as long as you have the badge on your profile you will be earning money to support MFR, so please keep us on there)

6) Most importantly invite your friends.

Social Vibe Badge This is a super easy way to show your support for MFR, disaster relief & reducing global warming and help others.


Check it out at socialvibe.com



Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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November 17, 2008


A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck an area northwest of Indonesia's provincial capital of Gorontalo early on Monday. At least four four people were killed and nearly 60 were injured in the quake.

Damage from the disaster is significant, around 800 houses were damaged in Buol, and it has been reported that schools and homes have collapsed in Gorontalo as well.


A tsunami warning was issued by Indonesia, but was lifted a short time later.


Click Here for more information via Reuters AlertNet.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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November 26, 2008


Music for Relief is raising funds to help victims of the 2008 hurricanes this holiday season.

Auction goes live on December 2nd, CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL REMINDER or visit www.ebay.com/musicforrelief


At least 100,000 homes were flooded in southeastern Texas as a result of Hurricane Ike. The city of Galveston and other coastal communities were devastated and residents are still struggling to rebuild.


In Haiti, four storms; Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike caused widespread flooding and destruction, killing over 600 people and affecting hundreds of thousands more.


Some of the items up for auction include a Linkin Park autographed guitar, an Alex Rodriguez signed NY Yankees jersey and baseball, VIP Clippers v. Pistons basketball tickets and more.


100% of auction proceeds will benefit MFR's efforts on the U.S. Gulf Coast and Haiti for victims of the 2008 hurricane season.


Thank you for your support!



Source: www.myspace.com/musicforrelief

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November 26, 2008


There is lots of new merchandise in the MFR store, as well as some regular favorites.


New Items and Old Favorites available in the store include:


- The new MFR eco-friendly bag. Its the perfect size for books, groceries or any other items you need to haul and purchase. Use the Branch Out bag rather than paper or plastic for a healthier planet. Click here to check it out and/or buy.


- The White-On-Black MFR bandanna. This is the same on that was on sale the past couple of LP tours, including the Winter U.S. Arena tour and Projekt Revolution 2008. The bandanna was designed by the one and only Mike Shinoda. Click here to check it out and/or buy.


- The new MFR Branch Out and Carbon Neutral Earth T-shirts. The Branch Out T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and the Carbon Neutral Earth T-shirt is organically and ethically made using Green Energy. You can check and buy these new shirts here and here.


- The Mike Shinoda MFR Shirts. These shirts are on sale for the holidays and you can pick out yours here and here.



As with all MFR merchandise 100% of proceeds benefit Music for Relief. So check out these new items today and support MFR!



Source: MFR Email

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So, I fell behind big time on the MFR announcements due to some personal projects and stuff going on since December, BUT, I'm back to that now. Below you can see all the latest going on with MFR dating back to December.




December 9, 2008


According to the United Nations the impact of climate change could uproot around six million people each year, half of them because of weather disasters like floods and storms. These extreme weather disasters such as more intense storms and more frequent floods and droughts are already occurring and vulnerable people around the world are already suffering the consequences.

According to the U.N. refugee agency, in addition to limiting greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change aid agencies and individuals must also boost the relief supplies they keep in stock for emergencies by 10 to 20 times and be better prepared to aid almost three million people a year displaced by sudden disasters.

Climate change and natural disasters are interrelated. We must all be aware of fact and be prepared to take action as this crisis is not something coming in the future but it is a problem that is affecting people right now.


Read more from the U.N. Climate Talks in Poland HERE


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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December 28, 2008


We would like to thank you for your support in 2008 and wish you a happy and healthy 2009! As we continue our environmental and disaster relief efforts we recognize that Music for Relief could not do it without you!

We ask that you help us continue to raise awareness for those struggling to recover from natural disasters as well as the growing need to reduce global warming.

In 2009 we will do more for those affected by natural disasters including victims of floods, droughts, and more powerful storms all of which are fueled by global warming.

Through your contributions and support we are able to help others when they need it most, thank you.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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January 6, 2009


2008 was one of the most devastating years on record for natural disasters according to a report by one of the world's biggest reinsurance companies, Munich Re.

Many tropical cyclones paired with the earthquake in Sichuan were largely to blame for the record number of victims of catastrophes in 2008. Although the earthquake in China is obviously not a result of climate change the report indicates that that climate change is boosting the risks of, and losses from, natural disasters specifically evident in the high number of heavy storms which occurred during the last year.

2008's Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar- estimated to have claimed more than 135,000 lives - is another example of a weather-related natural disaster to hit low-lying, coastal areas stripped their natural protection to stop the storms, in this case mangrove forests.

Similar to hurricanes Ike, Gustav and others from this past storm season; high winds, record rainfalls, and strong storm surges caused devastation as they hit coastal areas where the natural form of coastal protection – wetlands on the coast of Louisiana-disappeared in recent years. In these cases there is nothing to prevent storm surge from traveling further inland causing severe damage and loss of life.


Read more here.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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January 13, 2009


Thanks to the generous support of music fans, artists, and music industry professionals Music for Relief was able to provide aid following multiple natural disasters in 2008 as well as plant over 300,000 trees to help improve the environment.

We are so grateful to those of you who made the programs of the past year possible and we are excited to continue this important work in 2009.



Artists, fans and industry folks...we need you. To get involved email Whitney [at] musicforrelief.org.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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Australian Brushfires Cause Catastrophic Loss

February 9, 2009


Over the weekend devastating wildfires swept through the southern Australian state of Victoria claiming 170 lives and more than 750 homes. Entire cities and communities were destroyed in what is being described as one of Australia's most severe disasters. The Australian Government, state agencies, the Australian Red Cross, and other aid organizations have responded to help those affected by the tragedy. 25 fires are still burning out of control as of Tuesday morning in Australia.


The Australian Red Cross has set up a fund to help victims of the brushfires for more information and to make a donation click here The Red Cross is also seeking blood donations.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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February 11, 2009


On Tuesday a tornado touched down in Lone Grove Oklahoma approximately 100 miles south of Oklahoma City killing eight people and leaving 14 injured. High winds destroyed homes, businesses, downed power lines and left the area littered with debris.


Read more Here


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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February 12, 2009


The fires that began on Feb 7th in the southern Australian state of Victoria have claimed the lives of 181 people and that number is likely to increase.


Over 1.1 million acres have burned including 20 towns, some completely destroyed. Make a donation below to help victims recover and rebuild following the tragic loss of life and property in Victoria.



In addition to making a donation here are other ways you can help:

1) Send an email to your friends, family, c-workers, and classmates and ask them to make a donation to Music for Relief for the Australian wildfire victims, be sure to link to Musicforrelief.org and include information about the situation in Australia.

2) Link to MusicforRelief.org from your website, blog, and all other online profiles.

3) Add Music for Relief as a friend on MySpace, MySpace.com/musicforrelief and join our cause on Facebook.

4) Go to eBay.com/musicforrelief and sign up for an email reminder about our next charity auction which will launch on Feb 24. Tell friends about the auction and place your bid, all proceeds from the auction will benefit victims of the wildfires in Australia.


Source: www.musicforrelief.org

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