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Sonisphere USB Wristband


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Possible Linkin Park SBDs from the Sonisphere shows?


The must-have accessory for every rockstar….


Saturday, July 11, 2009


sonisphere-2009-1398-31c-jordi-vidal-bowerThe official Sonisphere souvenir USB wristband could prove to be the must-have heavy metal accessory of the summer, after being endorsed by some of hard rock’s biggest names.


“Every kid’s gonna want one of these next year,” says Down’s Jimmy Bower, who looked set to sport his on stage at Sonisphere Spain. In fact, so sought after are the limited edition bands, that the one Team Sonisphere gave him was the last we could find.


Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe wore his on stage at Sonisphere Germany, while Scott Ian from Anthrax apparently said they were so cool that he wanted to create Anthrax-only ones next summer.


Each USB wristband is loaded with exclusive content from each Sonisphere, including live audio tracks and backstage footage, ready for collection when you leave the arena so you can relive the experience as soon as you get home. In addition there are interviews with the best bands and the biggest fans, scrap book mementoes and much more other content to access after the event, only to those with the USB wristband. To get the full story go here, sonispherefestivals.com/USB

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Sounds interesting. But with those things you never know how many live songs of which bands actually make it onto this Wristband thingy. I highly doubt it will be a lot of full shows, I guess something like a complication of a couple of live songs of the bands.


They had the same thing for Rock am Ring/Rock im Park this year, not only it was totally overpriced (for a USB stick) like Sonisphere, the live music you could buy afterwards was more than a huge let down. I haven't even heard of 95% of the available bands, and the best of compilation contained like 1 of the bigger bands.


Back to Sonisphere, like always bands/labels have the last word on those things. So either we end up with nothing, a few sings or maybe even the full show.

But if like the idea of those things, the demand for live material from attended shows is getting bigger and bigger.

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