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Thank you.

I already saw that page, but I wanna know where they get the song, if was from some tape, CD...

I found Ground Xero on a random Kazaa Lite search in early 2005. The filename was "Wakefield - Ground Xero.mp3." I thought it was a strange coincidence, so I downloaded it, but I figured it was probably a song by the band Wakefield and not Mark. Much to my surprise, Mark's voice is pretty unmistakable and furthermore, it sounds nothing like the band Wakefield. I've never been able to track down any concrete information about where it came from, who was in the band he recorded it with, when it was recorded, etc., but based purely on his voice and the fact that I've never been able to attribute it to any other artist, I've always believed it to be legitimate. For all we know, Mark could've thrown it up on a P2P network himself.


I sent the mp3 to a few other people to get their opinions, they all thought the same as I did, and it eventually found its way to Nick/Mark/Taylor, who released it on Chestersings.

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