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I'm creating thread as a place to post photos of all the known pictures of ''demo boards'' throughout LP's 7 album career. I also will post pictures of computer screenshots and everything else shown throughout LPTV and Making Of's because there is a lot. I recently just watched LPTV - Iridescent Gang Vocals and discovered a screenshot of an ATS demo board with songs like Aubrey One (from LPU XIV), Ammosick (from MALL), and Primo (from LPU XIII), among others. LPTV - Roads Untraveled also has a photo of a LT demo board with features Warm Spell (from MALL). There are so many from each album shown throughout it all. Even a photo of White Noise on a piece of paper during a THP clip. I will start work later or when I have time. Anyone who wants to post, feel free!!!

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